VKontakte black list - instructions for use

Not all Vkontakte users are adequate people. Some use this network to spread spam, so you have to protect your page from such people in every way.

Newbies can do it, since Vkontakte has a blacklist and you can add as many users as you want. .

How to add to the black list of Vkontakte? If someone bothers you or you want to hide your page, just send a person in an emergency. For this, there are 3 ways and in this post we will tell about them. At any time, you can remove members from the blacklist.

Black list of Vkontakte - protection against intruders

All added to the list of blocked are restricted from sending messages and your account information is not displayed for them. For them, the page looks like this:

VKontakte black list - instructions for use

You can add to your blacklist using one of the following methods:

1. Through subscribers.
You kill a man from friends, and he goes to subscribers. After that, go to the list of subscribers, move the cursor and click on the cross. The user will be immediately added to the blacklist.

VKontakte black list - instructions for use

2. Block user from page.
If a person is not added to friends and followers, you can go to his page, scroll it down and press the lock button (under the videos). Note that while the user is in the list of friends, there will be no such button.

VKontakte black list - instructions for use

3. Adding through the blacklist.
On your page it is easy to recognize the black list of Vkontakte and it is easy to add new users there. To do this, you need to go to the settings and go to the black list:

VKontakte black list - instructions for use

Here you can see the black list of Vkontakte and remove people from it. You can also enter a link (first and last name) to add new members to the list.

How to remove all people from the blacklist?

When you use a profile for a long time and actively add people to it, the blacklist can become huge. Manually deleting users from the list is difficult, so it’s better to use:

VKontakte black list - instructions for use

The program is free, and to find the clear black button, go to Profile. Cleaning. Also through this program, you can massively add people to an emergency (indicating links to their profiles).

Who am I on the black list?

With the help of a special application, you can see who managed to add you to the black list. To do this, open the link:

VKontakte black list - instructions for use

You can see who added you to the blacklist and who added a specific user to the emergencies. When checking for people who have brought you into an emergency, you will have to wait a bit until the application finds all users.

After that you will receive a list:

VKontakte black list - instructions for use

The list also shows common friends. When checking other people, a similar list is issued.

Now you know what gives the black list, how to remove from it and how to clear the black list of Vkontakte . The lock function often comes in handy, and even if you are an ordinary social user. networks, limit from inadequate and spammers thanks to the blacklist.

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