VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

Against the background of the active development of cryptocurrency, new ICO projects look very promising. Developers began to implement Blockchain in absolutely all niches, it was not without video hosting.

In 2017, a new project was launched for the exchange of videos, which uses its own coins.

New ICO startup - analogue of YouTube + free tokens you get absolutely free. It is easy to use the service, in many respects it reminds the leader in the niche of video hosting sites.

While his audience is not numerous, but it is even good, because you can earn more money. Or rather, more of their tokens called VIU.

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

Viuly project and cryptocurrency VIU

This is the world's first decentralized video hosting service. Using this site, the authors of the videos will be able to post content and make money in different ways (advertising, donations, paid viewing). Users can also receive rewards even for watching videos.

Payments on this project are made using specially created VIU tokens. They were developed on the basis of Ethereum, and therefore payments from Viuly come to Ether purses.

Developers have serious plans, they want to gather a million audience and compete with YouTube. Can they do it? Who knows, because the project has a number of features:

  • the content repository is decentralized;
  • creating channels and downloading videos for free;
  • it is easy to install paid view clips;
  • ability to send promotions to viewers;
  • viewers get rewarded for watching clips;
  • advertisers can order views.

There is no separate wallet for Viuly, tokens are supported by Ethereum. While the coins are not listed and trading is sluggish, but things can change dramatically.

The developers have tried to take into account all the negative aspects in the work of YouTube and to create a more thoughtful analogue using modern technologies.

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

How does Viuly work?

The platform is interesting for all groups of its users - advertisers, video authors and viewers. Money is poured into the project by ordering advertising. You can add a promo video and set a price per view by setting different audience filters.

Banner placement is also available, and will soon open the opportunity for ordering pre-rolls.

Viuly provides more options for video content authors. For example, using the function of paid viewing, you can start selling some video lessons.

In the video settings, you can choose whether advertising will be installed on it, or there will be a form for accepting donations under the video.

As for the audience, they also receive various advantages. First, it is completely free to view a huge number of videos. Secondly, they open up different ways of earning with Viuly.

Third, deductions come even from video views. Otherwise, they get an analogue of YouTube, where you can also have fun, learn something and follow the life of their idols.

Viuly Course and Prospects

Cryptocurrency ViU is gaining popularity along with video hosting. At the very beginning, its course was about 0. 004 $, but in January 2018 it took off to 0. 1116 $ (it rose 27 times).

Now there is a decline, however, the price is still higher than the one that was originally. Today, the VIU rate is 0. $ 0107:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

To predict the rates of tokens is almost impossible, especially since the cryptocurrency capitalization is not yet high (7.112.935. $ 50). It is not on any major stock exchange, and the only way to trade VIU is to register for.

The exchange is quite popular, developed by the Chinese, but there is no Russian language in it.

Registration for Viuly

It’s not difficult to use the project, especially since it supports Russian. To register for Viuly, click the "Login" button, select the "Registration" tab and fill out the form:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

An email is sent to the specified mail with a link to verify your account. You need to follow it:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

Now you can log in to the site. First of all, we are asked to fill in personal data, as well as to choose the interests for which the recommended videos will be shown:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

It takes no more than 5 minutes to do everything, and after that you can get acquainted in detail with interface. The user menu is in the upper right corner, you need to click on the profile icon:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

Please note that there is already 10 VIU on the balance sheet - this is a welcome gift that is credited to all newcomers. Through this menu, you can go to your videos, advertising, balance and affiliate program. All this we will now describe in more detail.

How to make money on Viuly?

The main question that interests the users of this ICO project is how to make money.There are several ways to get tokens on Viuly:

  1. Earnings while watching a video from Viuly.

The first option is the easiest, it brings little income. You just need to watch videos with ads. Revenue from advertisers is received not only by channel owners, but also by viewers.

Only here there is one subtlety - you need to choose videos without a line with a donation (they often show ads):

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

This example clearly shows how to start advertising video before watching the video. You can skip it in a few seconds, VIU will still be charged for it. True, the amount is small:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

0. 25 VIU was credited for viewing advertisements, less than a cent at the current rate. But after all, everyone understands that you need to earn viuly with a perspective. Now it is pointless to exchange them, you need to wait for the coins to rise in price.

  1. Viuly Affiliate Program.

As with all projects for making money, they offer earnings on referrals. To get an affiliate link, open the menu and select the appropriate item:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

The statistics of the invitees and the number of received VIUs for them are also displayed here. Ref. 3-level system, for the registration on the first line pay 10 coins, the second - 7 coins, the third 5 coins.

Use any methods for recruiting referrals, many have not even heard of a new video hosting service.

  1. Own channel on Viuly.

This option is suitable only for those who record videos. You can take all your videos from YouTube and add them here.

When creating a channel, you can select a special item and make it paid. The same function is when adding video. Choose the cost of viewing yourself (in VIU currency):

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

Basically, the authors of the channels on this video hosting service use donations. Each viewer can pass any number of coins to his idol.

As is usually the case, Russian users rarely send tokens, because the majority comes to Viuly to earn money:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

We already have the latest method of monetizing your channels Said - this is advertising. In a special section of your personal account, you can select videos in which promotional materials will be displayed.

In some reviews about Viuly, users say that you can earn over $ 15 in a day without really straining. On video viewing such results are unlikely to be achieved. But through an affiliate program or your own channels to get a good profit is quite real.

How to output from Viuly?

Now the most interesting thing is, because you want to turn all VIU tokens into real money. This is difficult to do, but the coins are easily transferred to the Ethereum wallet, i.e. they are credited as ERC20 tokens and are stored in a separate account.

Ordered payments in the section with the balance, then you need to enter the amount and address of the account:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

If you are not yet using the Ethers, then register on. Nothing complicated, and after that you will be given your own wallet address:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

It is for him to make VIU transfers. Also on the image we showed where the Tokens section is located. Through it, you can make sure that the payout with Viuly really came. Transactions on Etherscan are tracked (link is also available in the wallet):

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

Here is the enrollment record for 1900 VIU, which was added 11 hours ago. Here you can see the total amount of tokens in dollars.

What to do with them next? It is better to leave on your wallet to wait for the appreciation. If you want to exchange, use the Chinese stock exchange cryptocurrency. How to enter orders on such sites you can see in the review of the exchange Binance.

Rating for Viuly (stars)

There is one important point that many are silent about or forget. To receive payments with Viuly, you must first get at least 1 star rating. Their number is displayed in the user menu:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

To get the first asterisk, be active. See more commercials with advertising, send donations, put likes, leave comments. In general, be an active user.

Viuly Reviews

Opinions about the service are divided, some accuse him of hanging noodles on their ears, while others are confident of prospects.

While it is too early to draw conclusions, a Viuly divorce or not, the project has been working for several months and payments are coming. Positive reviews are not uncommon, many people liked the idea:

VIU cryptocurrency and Viuly video hosting, how to earn?

It is interesting that well-known video-bloggers have already opened their channels here - Larin, Sokolovsky and many others. They speak in favor of the ICO startup, which has every chance of becoming a leader. In addition, the project interested people from all over the world.

The Service

is useful to anyone who actively uses cryptocurrencies. It can become an online wallet, exchanger and a system where you can spend altcoins.

Now it's hard to say what the future of the project is, but more and more people are interested in how to get Viuly. The more popular the tokens become, the higher the demand for them, and this gives rise to an appreciation.

There are prerequisites for the VIU price increase, so it is worth spending a little time on free tokens.

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