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" Who does not know a teaser. Everybody knows " tease - it was sung in one famous song. Well, in the meantime, it’s sung, we make money on this very teaser . Market There are teaser networks to fill out, there is plenty to choose from and check in. So, today, I chose the teaser affiliate program

VisitWeb. com - territory of big profits - Profit Hunter

and talk about it today.

Different advertisers different requests and requirements for the conditions of teaser networks.There are different webmasters and their advertising platforms have different push indicators: TIC, PR, number of hosts / day, subscribers (feed), etc. Due to the large variety, always You can find a suitable platform and a suitable advertiser, and there are various teaser networks that bring together our darling advertisers and webmasters on mutually beneficial terms.

What attracted me as webmasters and as an advertiser ? One of the conditions for adding a site is: " traffic must be at least 500 hosts per day ". Great! What I need. Why? Let's look at it from the side of the advertiser. What will be more profitable for him, to place their ads on 200 sites with a host of 20 per day, or will it be allocated on only 50 sites with a host of 500? Familiar with the rule 20/80 ? This Pareto rule and it says " 80% of your income brings 20% of your customers ". And the fact that it works for teaser networks. Therefore, it is beneficial for me to deal with this teaser, as serious advertisers who are willing to pay for their advertising can and will be here.

VisitWeb. com - territory of big profits - Profit Hunter

For advertisers, the scheme is obvious. Less steep sites are easier to monitor than a bunch of small ones. Yes, and pot-bellied sites are safer.

I will highlight a couple more moments of the teaser network VisitWeb I liked. com . You might say that others have this too. Maybe. The essence in the context:

  • Thematic and geographical targeting
  • Restriction of advertising campaigns by time of day and days of the week
  • Multi-level protection against markups. You pay only for real transitions to your site

For webmasters:

  • Only thematic advertising
  • Convenient constructor for the blocks will allow to fit the blocks to any design
  • High returns. Payments on request without a minimum payment
  • Detailed statistics online
  • The cost of conversion depends on advertisers and currently ranges from 0. 3 to 0. 7 rubles.

Ooooo, just 0. 3 rub? Few. Hmmm ... let's count. We have 500 hosts per day . Let us apply the same principle 20/80 . So only 100 will click on a teaser of 500 people, right? We count: 100 x 0.30 = 30 rubles. For a month it comes out 900 - 2100 rubles. From 30 to 70 $ looms with an almost minimal calculation. Here the CTR is 20%. And for teaser networks, from practice, the CTR is higher. And this is also a fact. Well, and users, as a rule, click on teaserv more than once in one visit.

And some more numbers. We then calculated the income from 100 hosts. But, teaser networks usually calculate in 1000 clicks. The result is simple. Our 1000 clicks are 100 (clicks) x 10, which means 30 (rub) x 10 = 300 rub, i.e., about $ 10 - $ 20 for 1000 clicks . With 500 hosts, 1000 clicks - easy . And so, 300-700 rubles / day . Mathematics is simplified, as you understand. But even these numbers are encouraging.

That's when you see real numbers, and it becomes easier and more interesting to live.

VisitWeb. com pleased with their conditions. On this positive note, I’ll finish my review. And interested, I wish high CTR and large teaser profits.

* advertising review

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