Virtual Casino Slotsvoyager. Honest Slot Machines

Slot machines are an ideal opportunity to check how lucky you are.

But you should not forget that you need to check your "luckiness" through proven and honest gaming services, as some creators of online casinos, intentionally set up scripts for a minimum percentage of winnings.

Want to play fair slot machines? Use virtual. Unlike many other systems, this project received the necessary licenses and uses a modern method of protection against cheating.

Only by visiting this casino and playing (even without investing money), you will understand that it really works in an honest way.

Virtual Casino Slotsvoyager. Honest Slot Machines

Honest slot machines on the Internet

In the "Slots" section, you will find 92 slot machines, each of which will help you test your luck.

So that you have no doubt that spending time in slot machines is interesting and exciting, we will present you some of the best slots that you can use for free or replenish your deposit and win real money.

We will not show the main playing field of the automata, since it is the same everywhere - it is a drum with different symbols that needs to be spun. In each game you can independently set the bet and the number of winning lines:

Virtual Casino Slotsvoyager. Honest Slot Machines

We present you additional games of the most popular slot machines that you will get access to when a winning combination occurs.

If you manage to win an extra game, the win amount will increase:

1. Book of Ra.
A new gaming machine, which quickly gained popularity and is now available on almost all gaming portals. In the extra game, you guess the red or black card is hidden in the center. If the answer is correct, the bet doubles, and you can continue to guess the color of the card.

Virtual Casino Slotsvoyager. Honest Slot Machines

2. Dr Lovemore.
Not the most popular, but interesting slot machine. The extra game here is standard - you need to guess a card that is larger than the dealer’s:

Virtual Casino Slotsvoyager. Honest Slot Machines

3. DesertTreasures.
The additional game in this machine is no different from the previous version, you also need to guess the big card. If you guess, the win doubles, and you can re-try your luck:

Virtual Casino Slotsvoyager. Honest Slot Machines

4. Gonzo Quest.
Unusual gaming machine, where no additional games are provided, but the amount of the bet will double, triple or even increase by 5 times if you manage to win for several turns. Based on this, it is better to bet on the maximum number of lines, this will ensure a high frequency of winnings.

Virtual Casino Slotsvoyager. Honest Slot Machines

5. Resident.
A regular gaming machine with a standard extra game of guessing a larger card than is installed on the field. The only difference is the presence of several rounds, which are indicated at the top.

If you go through several rounds, you can increase your winnings well:

Virtual Casino Slotsvoyager. Honest Slot Machines

Use different slot machines to make the game interesting for you and not annoying. Each of them has the same winning percentage, so do not think that somewhere you will carry more.

Other games at Slotsvoyager

This online casino has gained tremendous popularity also because there are a lot of other gambling games in it:

  • several types of roulette;
  • different types of poker;
  • different variants of blackjack;
  • Keno lottery.

I would like to tell about the last kind of the game separately. The fact is that this is an unusual gamble, in which you first need to specify the winning numbers, and then wait for the draw and find out if you have chosen the right numbers.

Quench your excitement with the help of the popular online casino and use different games to diversify your entertainment. It is possible that the game on this site will help you to increase the amount that you have. Play and win with Slotsvoyager.

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