Vipip - earnings review using the program

What to do to make money online quickly and easily? This is a question often asked by newbies who do not know that there are click sponsors.

Books give the simplest opportunity for online work, browsing sites and performing various tasks. Today, and you can get down to business, you just need to register in special systems.

Earnings on the journal are somewhat different from working with any other click sponsors. The fact is that to perform the necessary actions, you will need to download the program.

It does not take up much space, is free and has a simple interface, so you can get money from the start.

Vipip - earnings review using the program

How to make money with the program from Vipip?

First of all you need to register on the Vipip website. ru. You can simplify this procedure by authorizing through social networks. Just log in via Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki, and after that, your statistics appear.

Initially it will be zero, and if you go to any section of earnings, you will receive a link to download the program:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

After downloading the program, you will receive an archive, unpack it and run the exe file. Everything, the program is started and through it you will be able to perform work. Currently, there are more than 500 tasks available in the mailer and over 1000 sites for surfing.

Vipip - earnings review using the program

The tool from the axle box is simple, it has several tabs for switching to different types of work. Now available version only for Windows, as well as a plugin for all popular browsers (more on that below). It is advisable to install all the software, it complements each other.

Programs are usually installed, you download and run an exe file. Then they need to log in. With surfing and mailing lists, you will definitely understand, but in order to avoid any problems, we will tell you in detail how various types of work are done on this site.

Earnings on Vipip - work for beginners

This box has been working for 14 years, almost a million users have been registered on it. The system is honest, solid and interesting. You can earn on the site in several ways, for newbies here you can do everything just so that they can start earning immediately.

Consider all options for earnings in detail:

1. Surfing. When using this method, you will browse the pages of certain sites. In the program, you will be presented with the condition that you need to fulfill in order to receive remuneration:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

In order for users to honestly complete tasks, the administration introduced a captcha check, therefore, after visiting a resource, you will need to pass a check:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

Pay for visiting sites is not big money, but how much depends on the type of surfing, ordered by the advertiser.

2. Tasks. Also a simple job for which they pay much more. In assignments you may be asked to visit several pages of the site, read some material or watch a video. The program describes in detail the actions:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

As you can see, this example shows the first stage of the execution of one task. You need to visit several pages of the site, it’s not difficult to do. There are other requirements, for example:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

The tooltip indicates where to find the answer to the question from the task. With this, too, is not difficult to handle.

3. Newsletter. This option will require you to read the advertisers' records. The scheme for making a profit is simple, you read a small record, and then place the words in the same order:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

After that, you will need to confirm the execution of the action, for this, the second step is set special button:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

For every thousand mailings you complete, you get from 1. 5 to 2. 2 dollars, it all depends on what type of mailing the advertiser chooses.

Withdrawing Vipip

Making money with Vipip is easy, and when you have more than 10 cents on your balance, you can withdraw funds:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

Output can be ordered not only on Webmoney, Vipip is a mailer with output to the phone, in no other similar system, such an opportunity is not provided. You can also withdraw money to a Yandex wallet.

Without investing anything and not learning anything, you can quickly collect money on your Vipip balance and withdraw it in a convenient way . Try to install the program and perform at least a couple of tasks, it is much easier than using other mailers.

Arbitrary tasks from Vipip

This type of earnings on the mailer appeared relatively recently. By the name it is already clear that the work is varied. To get started, you must download the program. It already has a special tab:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

There is always a lot of work available and, for convenience, added categories - completed, under test, unpaid orders.As well as on other mailers, you will see a table in the program window, where orders and various data on them are presented:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

As you can see, there are quite lucrative offers, but to perform, have to spend some time. To get started, you need to choose a task and click on the text. A window opens where the detailed conditions are:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

In this example, they are asked to find the site through Google, go to it and write a positive comment. The comment form indicates the Email, so that the advertiser checks the integrity of the contractor, he asks to send him the mail address. When you click the "Take Work" button, a form appears in its place where the report is added:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

If you have ever used clicker sponsors, you will understand exactly how to work through the Vipip program . Due to the fact that all actions are performed in the client, it is even more convenient to work. Only tasks are not always a lot, unlike similar sites.

Earnings on Vipip through social networks

This method was also added recently, while there are few orders on it, but they appear. Work is also performed through the program. You need to subscribe to Instagram, join VK groups, like and so on. Available tasks are displayed on the corresponding tab:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

As you can see, there are no tasks now, so you need to wait until available orders appear. If instead of the text "Next check of new ..." the task is presented, then click the link "Open in new window":

Vipip - earnings review using the program

The browser opens with a page where you need to perform the target action. For example, it can be a subscription in Instagram. You need to do what is required of you, and then return to the program and confirm execution:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

There are no confirmations or notifications, money for the order is immediately credited to the balance and opens new job. Sometimes it is possible to catch the moment when orders go one after another, but the payment here is not large (they pay more)

Affiliate program Vipip

You can earn new ones on all boxes by attracting new ones participants. Vipip official site is no exception. You can use the usual link or share it on social networks by clicking on the special buttons:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

Please note that the main menu displays ref. percent. At first it is equal to 10%, but increases with the total amount of earnings of the user. The maximum you can get from referrals is 15%, for this you need to earn $ 40:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

Deductions are calculated from the income of the performers and the expenses of advertisers. Invite those and others using any methods.

The most popular methods for attracting referrals:

  • posting videos on YouTube;
  • commenting blogs;
  • creating topics on forums;
  • personal recommendations;
  • website creation;
  • order advertising on the Internet;
  • tasks on other mailers;
  • sharing in social networks.

All these methods are allowed in the Vipip affiliate program, and the number of referrals is unlimited. Search not only those who want to work on the network. Advertisers to this site is also beneficial to invite. Tell about cheating, recommend to increase attendance and so on.

Vipip plugin for autostart (browser extension)

One of the most interesting software products on this mailer is the browser add-on. With it, the machine performs tasks on social networks. To use this, you need to register on Vipip and link the social networks in your personal account:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

Then, go to the "Earn" section and select a plugin. It is installed like other extensions, the instruction depends on your browser. When you download an add-on, an icon appears in the corner, click on it and log in:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

It is advisable to connect pages from all social sites. networks immediately. The plug-in window displays the counter for completed tasks. There you can see how much they pay for a particular order. In principle, you can do nothing at all, from this point on, they will begin to drip onto the balance:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

As you can see, opposite to each soc. network numbers are indicated. The first is the number of confirmed tasks, the second is the tasks to be checked. For example, on Instagram, 3 executions are now confirmed, and 2 tasks are being checked. Below is a general statistics.

It is easy to use the plugin, keep in mind that in the browser you must be logged in with the same accounts that are associated in your personal account. Otherwise, a notification about this will appear.

How much can you earn on Vipip?

Users of this mailer say that it brings more than similar sites. Revenues can be very different, it all depends on the activity, the number of tasks, the use of programs and so on.If you already use earnings in the social. networks, it can be advantageous to combine it with the automizer of webpie.

If you do not do manual work and use all automatic methods, you won’t make a lot of money. On the other hand, you do not need to do anything, put the software and wait until the money accumulates on the balance sheet:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

Note that the tasks did not bring even a dollar. The main income goes automatically. To make it go faster, create fake pages in all social services. networks and use an additional browser. Then, when you turn on the computer, you just need to turn on the work browser and minimize it to go about your business.

Arbitrary assignments make a lot of money, but they are not for the lazy. Demands there are often high, so the payment is over $ 1. I did not try to earn on them, I use only automatic type of earnings to supplement the profit.

How much do I earn on Vipip?

Above is the income statistics, which shows the profit from the work of Vipip programs. You can not use them for earnings. If you attract a lot of referrals, they will actively work and bring passive income. Every day I receive money from this site from an affiliate program in small installments:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

It helps me to attract a lot of referrals to my blog, but creating a site is not necessary. Above, I already presented a list of different ways to attract users. In my opinion, own resource is better and it opens up prospects. With the help of the blog I manage to create referral networks on other sites. Not the biggest payouts come from Vipip, but they are stable:

Vipip - earnings review using the program

You can earn even more, many users have not even heard about automatic earning programs from this system. If you want to achieve better results, I recommend creating a blog. For a start, a simple site will go with a description of click sponsors, the main thing is to fill it with high-quality articles.

Conclusion and video lesson on Vipip

There is no extra money, and if they can come without your work, then why not take advantage of it? Install all the programs right now, most likely, in the near future Vipip will appear on Android, judging by how actively developers are developing their project and mobile technologies are developing rapidly.

Without a long and tedious training in the system, it is really possible to start earning. At least Vipip autosurfing will generate income. If you do not understand something, my video tutorial may be useful to you:

See the reviews on Vipip, doubts will disappear. Now the system is developing rapidly, it actively registers new participants and earns good money. If you are looking for a site to build a large referral network or start earning on the machine, then this system is perfect for you.

Now go through a simple registration, make Vipip login to your personal account. Download the program is easy, then decide for yourself, work or collect income on the machine. Such services should receive more attention, because not many systems are ready to automate the actions of performers.

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