UTM tags. UTM tag generator

An experienced advertiser should have a lot of useful tools and have prepared clever ways to do the job efficiently.

Many services and special functions have been invented in order to carry out the most powerful advertising companies, but not many of them use them how just do not know about their existence.

An excellent example is the UTM tag, what is it and why is it needed? This is a variable added to the page address and helps to get more detailed statistics.

For example, it will be possible to track which particular ad a user has moved from. This comes in handy with analytics and helps build a sound strategy for further advertising.

UTM tags. UTM tag generator

UTM tags of Yandex and Google

In search engines, they have long been used, and adding UTM tags in Metric and Google Analytics You will see additional results. So that you understand what it is about, let's look at what the UTM label looks like:

www. workion. ru /? utm_campaign = Freelance

This is a simple example of a link so that it is convenient to filter traffic by an advertising company called Freelance. The label consists of 2 parts, this value is utm and the special variable (in our case, the campaign).

Most often they are used to start advertising campaigns, you can manually add a variable and specify a link with a label when advertising starts:

UTM tags. UTM tag generator

Several variables have been created so that you can by various parameters to distinguish between traffic. Using the UTM application example, you can make your own, and take variables from this table:

UTM tags. UTM tag generator

The description contains real examples, you can add several variables in the URL, it will be somewhat longer, but no one will notice, and your statistics will display more useful data:

www. workion. ru /? utm_campaign = Freelance. utm_content = Finance (adds a character.).

The most important thing before using links is to enter them in the address bar and make sure that everything is displayed correctly. If you run an ad through Direct, you will need a list of variables, to apply Yandex UTM tags:

UTM tags. UTM tag generator

Yandex instead of the parameter specified in the first column will add the necessary information.

If you want to apply Google UTM tags, use the service. An excellent generator to get rid of the study of variables (and for the global search engine there are many more).

UTM Tag Generator

It’s hard to do everything manually, especially when you need to add multiple tags. It is good that there are useful services for this. One of them is this.

There are several useful tools on this site, but now we are interested in mass production of UTM tags:

UTM tags. UTM tag generator

Everything is simple, fill in the fields and click "Generate". In a second the ready link opens, copy it and use it. After using these tags, just go to the Metric and see how new filters have been added:

UTM tags. UTM tag generator

Here is such a simple but effective method to filter transitions and extend the use of statistics. With the help of UTM tags, marketers significantly save advertising budget.

Some people underestimate this tool, but there is no more effective way to delineate incoming traffic.

Try using UTM tags in the next advertising campaign; detailed statistics will help you in future reduce costs and achieve maximum conversion.

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