USTREAM. TV - let's get ready to watch TV on THE THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE (30DC) - Profit Hunter

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On the eve of the 2009 season, The Thirty Day Challenge made a number of training videos that would make your life on the Internet much easier and make some money.

The very first movie in this series is Ed. The video is about live streaming, which is used to broadcast video clips at 30DC, which is something like television for the Internet. Ed tells how to subscribe to the stream and how you can combine and optimize work with Twitter and chat within the framework of the stream. You will learn how to create your own account, as well as get some tips on working with juistrim.

To begin with, you need to go to the 30DC TV site, enter www in the input line. thirtydaychallenge. tv. According to Ed, we do not need to go directly to the stream, it is already set to 30DC. We go and get a picture of the site (see fig.).

USTREAM. TV - let's get ready to watch TV on THE THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE (30DC) - Profit Hunter

First you need to register (the "log in” and “sign up” buttons in the upper right corner). There is also a button “Broadcast now”. After you have registered, scroll the window down, we see the inscription “Thirty Day Challenge Pre Season Show” and click “Follow”. After that you will receive an email notification, but first, how are you Remember, you need to register. We will return to registration in a second, but for now pay attention - under “Follow” there are two inscriptions “Watch on iPhone” and “Featured show”. In Ed's opinion, this is just great, because, on the one hand, you can use an iPhone to watch the video while lying in bed using the TV Ustream application. And, therefore, to be aware of all videos, since all videos are recorded on stream. And, on the other hand, watch videos directly through the stream.

On the left (see the figure above) there is a window with video. Here they broadcast videos from their lives. Usually there are several, so you can select any, click on it and view. You can also take any of these videos and post to your own blog. If you liked the video, you can leave a comment, etc.

Now let's turn to twitter and chat. Through Twitter, you can register or chat with someone, but it is strongly recommended not to ignore the chat window. After watching the video, it is chat that becomes the site of major events on the Internet.
And now for the registration page.

USTREAM. TV - let's get ready to watch TV on THE THIRTY DAY CHALLENGE (30DC) - Profit Hunter

Registering for 30DC is very easy. You enter the login, password, confirm it (to confirm you need to type the text from the window, which is just below), enter the email address and confirm. But Ed offers another way to register - through Facebook. Yustrim and 30DC work with Facebook (do not worry if you didn’t know about it, we will look at Facebook and 30DC in detail in subsequent articles). But if you are still registered on Facebook, just click “Connect with Facebook” and you don’t have to remember another password. This simplifies the work a lot. Thus, you can register in the traditional way, or through Facebook.

After you register, your chat window becomes much more useful. Register in a chat. You will be able to participate in discussions and get a lot of important information on the links that you place in the chat after watching the video.

This way, when you visit www. thirtydaychallenge. tv, it’s very important not to forget to register. After you enter your name, password, email address and click on “Follow”, your work will become much more effective. You can participate in discussions in the chat. Many people use only Twitter, but as mentioned earlier, it is chat that is the place of main events. Remember this.

Naturally, in order to follow Ed you will need at least minimal knowledge of English. If there is a problem with this, I will have to be content with my translation 🙂

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