Using title and alt attributes, what are these tags for?

A novice webmaster, in order to make a quality resource that deserves high positions in search engines, has a lot to learn.

You need to be serious about every little thing, including filling out tags for images.

Using the title and alt attributes for images is one of the SEO factors that should not be forgotten.

Firstly, it influences behavioral factors (slightly), secondly, it helps to attract more traffic from image search, thirdly, these tags are taken into account by the search robot when ranking pages .

Using title and alt attributes, what are these tags for?

How to use title and alt?

To begin with, I would like to explain to all beginners that the presence of pictures on the page allows us to improve the perception of the material. Each visitor assesses the appearance of the site, and how well you design articles, depends on his general opinion about the resource.

It is necessary to use images on all pages, it also affects search engine optimization positively. Google and Yandex treat the content of different formats equally well.

Adding the title and alt tags is not difficult, for this you need to supplement the code of the installed image on the page. Attributes are spelled the same way, you need to write its name and write the text in quotes:

title = "Earned on the Internet" and alt = "Good Internet worker"

Regardless What engine you use, these attributes can be added to all pictures. On WordPress, adding tags to an image has long been simplified. After adding any graphics to the page, you need to click on "Edit", where there are corresponding fields for both attributes:

Using title and alt attributes, what are these tags for?

All information added in the alt tag is displayed to the visitor if the picture is not is loading (for example, media is disabled in the browser). Also, this description sees the search robot. As for the title attribute, it appears in the form of an inscription when you hover the mouse over the image.

Search robots cannot determine what is in the picture, so they analyze their description.

It is better not to add a lot of characters to the title of the picture, and do not write more than 2 small sentences to the alt . Do not forget also that you can add keywords in attributes, this also improves page optimization.

If you have not used title and alt for images before, be sure to take the time to add these tags.

All the little things on the site affect its position, because search engines take into account more than 800 site criteria when ranking . In conclusion, use different descriptions and be sure to add keywords to them (including blurry ones).

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