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There are many fans of social networks, but not everyone knows that popular sites have many additional features.

Instagram is easy to use, the mobile application does not have a great toolkit, but it has everything you need. As practice shows, some people still do not use all the functionality of the project.

There are 7 useful features on Instagram that you might not know about. We will tell in this article about different tools, they will be useful for improving photos, searching for interesting records and increasing convenience.

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Useful features in Instagram | Workion. ru

Only when you start to understand all the little things, do you feel how well the developers have worked.

There are really many interesting tools on Instagram, that may come in handy:

  1. Filters are one of the reasons for the popularity of the social network. After uploading a photo, you can apply many different filters. They allow you to improve the picture. The main thing is not to rush and try as many options as possible. Do not forget about the "Edit" tab, there are several more tools:
  2. Useful features in Instagram | Workion. ru
  3. The marked photos are not always successful, so you don’t want to show them to your subscribers. Friends can even mark on a personal photo, and so that no one sees, click on your name on the photo, and then check the box Hide from My Profile:
  4. Useful features in Instagram | Workion. ru
  5. Interesting posts - can be viewed in a separate tab. Your friends like posts and subscribe to accounts, and you can see what they like the most:
  6. Useful features in Instagram | Workion. ru
  7. Like history - helps you find everything you once liked. To see what posts the likes were placed in, go to your account settings and select "Publications that you liked":
  8. Useful features in Instagram | Workion. ru
  9. Restricted photos - they are added when you don’t want everyone to see them . Especially for this, in the last step of adding an image, you can select the Direct function. Choose yourself which of your friends will be able to see the photo:
  10. Useful features in Instagram | Workion. ru
  11. Photos by personal messages - according to numerous requests, the developers have added this feature. Now you can share any entry with a specific person. To do this, click on the arrow under the post and choose who the message will be delivered to:
  12. Useful features in Instagram | Workion. ru
  13. Recording alerts - useful for those who rarely go to Instagram or do not want to miss interesting posts . In order for notifications to appear on the phone every time posts are posted in a certain profile, you need to go to it, click on 3 points in the upper right corner and select the last item:
  14. Useful features in Instagram | Workion. ru

Perhaps you already knew about some features of Instagram, but this information will definitely come in handy for beginners. Only when you understand the available tools, you understand how many opportunities in the social network.

Many people underestimate Instagram and believe that its developers are not doing anything. In fact, it has everything to post photos, share them, filter, and so on.

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