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Since Marathon 2008, it seems, largely repeats the previous ones, I will post its translation in pieces for several days. Well, so that you have something to read during the breaks, I will, as before, fill the blog with useful information from bourgeois sources.

Updated: It so happened that the same article, but the day before, was translated by Ruslan Akhmetov. Alas, from time to time such situations happen, so I apologize.

Well, now to the sabzh. First of all, you need to decide what the URL request is. URL request is a request of the form www. profithunter Common crawl en , i.e. this is the same address of the site that users do not clog in the address bar, but in the search string.

Why do they do this? I can't say for sure, but they do it. To verify this, skim the list of hot trends from Google. Surely you will find a couple of urls. In addition, Google uses a script that moves the cursor to the search bar when a user visits the Google homepage.

What is the use of it? Imagine that your competitor runs a large-scale offline advertising campaign and indicates the address of the page where the detailed information on its product or services is placed. What prevents you from being ranked by this request (competition, if there will be, is certainly insignificant) and attract even small, but still targeted traffic? (Naturally, the more popular a competitor is, the more search traffic it can donate to you.) :

URL requests and additional search traffic - Profit Hunter

Agree, if the site was Direct. gov. uk was selling some product, such traffic would come in handy. But in order for someone to click on your link in the issue, you will, of course, have to stretch and make a normal title.

With due attention (and a sufficient number of links), you can easily bypass the site that people are looking for in issuing (evidence here). In any case, the second place for niche URL requests you provided.

Of course, it’s not necessary to be limited to competitors and other niche sites. Google’s Keyword Tool

URL requests and additional search traffic - Profit Hunter

and the Google Suggest service will help you find popular URL requests.

URL requests and additional search traffic - Profit Hunter

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