Up button, Up button

On many sites, you can watch the button, thanks to which visitors can scroll the page up. This button is called differently "Up", "To the top of the page", and so on. But this does not change its essence.

Making such a button on your website is not at all difficult and in this article we will explain how to do it. Immediately I would like to say that the templates of various CMS, may already contain the "Up" button.

If your site is created using WordPress, Joomla, etc., use special plugins.

Up button, Up button

Up button for site

For example, the Scroll to Top plug-in for WordPress sites will do. This plugin is easy to use, so you quickly and easily get the necessary functionality to your site.

Up button, Up button

The image shows the settings area of ​​this plugin, in which all fields are marked. Using this picture, you hardly have problems using this plugin.

For sites on Joomla it is best to use the Top of the Page plugin, it is also easy to use and allows you to configure the necessary parameters.

Unfortunately, the use of plug-ins may affect the speed of your site , so many site owners use scripts. The page scroll button can be set using the following code:

Up button, Up button

This code must be set in the footer file. php, before closing tag. Please note that in this code you need to make changes, specify the website address and the path to the image, which will be used as the page scroll button.

After that you will need to insert additional code in the style file. css. After opening this file, scroll to the bottom of the page and paste the following code:

Up button, Up button

After that, the button on your site should already appear, and you can check its operation.

The button image can be easily changed. For this, you just need to replace the image on the hosting, and you can get a high-quality image of the button on the Internet. With the appropriate request, you get a lot of options for the image of the button, which can be used.

If your site does not have a scroll button up, then make it, because it’s not at all difficult. Visitors will appreciate the convenience it provides.

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