Unique offers from Actionteaser | Workion. ru

Affiliate program networks provide a wide range of different offers to which each site owner can connect and start earning, attracting customers.

If you have your own website, you can use the teaser aggregator

, which several factors different from similar projects.

Unique offers from Actionteaser are far from the only advantage of this system. The main feature of the project is to collect the necessary data to increase the CTR of promotional materials.

Unlike many other aggregators, here the administration helps to achieve maximum revenue from their sites.

Unique offers from Actionteaser | Workion. ru


Network of Affiliate Programs To earn with this project, you will need your own website. Naturally, there are certain requirements for sites:

  • sites in Russian and Ukrainian;
  • attendance from 300 per day;
  • statistics are required (for example, LiveInternet) ;
  • sites with erotic content are not accepted;
  • sites with a high concentration of advertising are not accepted;
  • earnings sites on the network are also not accepted;
  • sites low traffic quality.

Owners of any sites that meet the conditions can register and start making money. The Actionteaser has enough advantages; therefore, many are switching from other networks of affiliate programs to this aggregator.

Here are the main advantages:

  • earnings not only from actions, but also from clicks;
  • high cost of clicks;
  • good CTR of promotional materials;
  • wide functionality for setting up blocks with ads;
  • many quality offers;
  • withdraw money every week to Webmoney;
  • minimum salary only 100 rubles;
  • really responsive to those. support;
  • promotions are constantly held;
  • there are only positive reviews on the net.

In addition, after connecting to the network of affiliate programs Actionteaser, you can choose the appropriate advertising format. You can choose a teaser, a news block and a slider that will look better on your resource, you decide.

For example, we present you an example of a teaser block:

Unique offers from Actionteaser | Workion. ru

To make sure that your profit will be decent, you can go to the list of offers without registration and see all offers:

Unique offers from Actionteaser | Workion. ru

Here is one of them, you could hardly have seen the same offer on other affiliate program aggregators before. Every day more and more different offers appear on the Actionteaser.

When you are looking for the most profitable way to monetize your resources, you need to evaluate each option separately. Using Actionteaser for earnings, you will receive detailed reports, compare them with data from other affiliate programs and you will have no doubt that this is a great service.

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