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Successful promotion of the site in the TOP promises its owners considerable benefits: this is a lot of visitors, an increase in earnings at contextual advertising shows, an increase in demand for a certain product or service. To promote a site, you need to invest in it a certain amount, and the natural desire of the client of the companies providing SEO services, to spend every cent with the maximum return. How and in what the return will be measured: in increasing the number of sales or attracting new consumers of the service - it does not matter, it is important that the customer of the promotion wants to see the result of investments as soon as possible.

The client’s desire, as is known, is the law. To attract a client, many are ready to promise something that is simply impossible. How can you promise promotion in the TOP, for example, within two weeks, if it is almost impossible? After all, the webmaster can not accurately predict the updates and how the search engine algorithm will be rebuilt. The conclusion suggests itself: this is a “divorce!” And if you recall that often smart promises are accompanied by an attractively low price, then this confirms the conjecture.

So how can you attract a client, make commitments they, and even forcing him to spend a certain amount of money on it? The answer lies on the surface: you have to promise what you can accomplish and approach the issue of pricing transparently, for example, as they do in Textprom. reasonable and quite acceptable. At the same time, the first The results of the work - an increase in visitors - can be observed already at the initial stages of promotion.

There is a secret here? Let's look at it together. The semantics of the promoted site is based on low-frequency keys, but the selection is done THEMATICALLY. the new text is written or the one on the site is being rewritten. This is the most expendable moment of the promotion.The next stage is the layout and linking of pages and adding external weights, that is, buying links. As can be seen from this scheme, the main money is invested in content optimized for low-frequency queries, that is, something that always has weight in the eyes of search engines.

What is the result? Increase in attendance and growth of site characteristics from the first update. And if we take into account that the first two months of “Textprom” is promoting for free, then such a proposal becomes doubly attractive.

There are still quite interesting moments. As a result of the selection of thematic low-frequency requests, visitors get to the site who, in response to your search query receive the expected results. That is, users who switch over low frequencies are most likely to turn from potential customers into real ones, in other words, they are more conversion. Plus - content can be increased gradually, achieving even better results. Results, for example, on the money that can be saved on maintaining the site’s positions, which would require significantly less money than if the promoted resource would be optimized for RF requests.
As you can see, there is no special secret. At the same time, it is, paradoxically it may sound. You can try to do the same thing yourself, but the result will not be as high as that of Textprom. And is it worth it to torment yourself with the search for copywriters, explaining to each of them the tasks, re-checking and all the rest, if all this can be ordered in one place and be sure that the work will be done right. Especially since a special affiliate program is provided for webmasters. You can order all the work in the complex, you can in parts, in any case will be "and the money is intact, and customers are fed." That is, this promotion is beneficial to everyone, from webmasters working with "Textprom", and ending with the client.

“Rational advancement” - this is what they call it in “Textprom” itself. And it is really rational - a reasonable investment with a great result.

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