Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

A huge number of people used to use the common scam "Typing at home for money", but we all already know that in this way fraudsters lured honest people who needed extra money.

If you are also offered to invest money, ostensibly as a safety net, to make money on the texts, immediately refuse it to scammers .

You can earn money by printing texts on the Internet and you don’t need any contributions to do this. However, you do not even need to communicate with anyone, as there are special exchanges where orders are submitted, and you can also put up ready-made texts for sale. There is no need to pay anything for registration, nor for any safety net.

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

Typesetting text for money without attachments

In the text advertisements, it is suggested to reprint the uppercase text into an electronic format. On the Internet, you can earn money by composing articles yourself.

Moreover, you can take ready-made texts from any sites and rewrite them in your own words so that they are unique (you can check with the Advego Plagiatus program).

You will write or use sources yourself; you will definitely need to register on the exchange. Firstly, there you will find customers, and secondly, you can add ready-made articles for sale. Materials can be of any subject and any volume, the main thing is that without errors and with a high percentage of uniqueness.

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

Earnings on the Advego Exchange

This is the most popular copywriting service (this is the name of the work of the authors). After registering in this system, you can start writing articles for the order, such work is paid for adequately:

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

One of the examples of tasks where you need to make an article is a repair workshop. For 1000 characters pay 1. 5 dollars, and for all the material $ 6. Agree, for one article it is an excellent payment, and if you write 3-4 articles a day, you will get $ 18-24 (more than 500 rubles). It is better to sit at the computer for the money than to work in the store as a seller.

The exchange is also excellent for selling ready-made materials.

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

The minimum cost here is 80 cents per 1000 characters. There are a lot of buyers, but only accepted with excellent quality. Here's how the buyer sees the article in the sale:

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

The full text does not open to him, you can see only a couple of lines from him. The decision to purchase is made through the title, description and short text. Also, buyers always look at the author's rating, so do not be surprised why, at first, sales will go slowly.

If you will be patient and work hard, in a couple of months you will definitely be able to reach a more or less decent profit. Withdrawals can be ordered on Webmoney, when you dial at least $ 5.

Earnings on articles with Wmmail

In general, the Wmmail project is not a copywriting exchange, but it has an article store.

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

Basically, users of this resource earn money on simple tasks, such as registering on websites, commenting on blogs, downloading files, joining groups and likes Vkontakte and much more. If you prefer to study the texts, then register and go to the store of articles.

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

Here, buyers also see some information about the article, so do not worry that someone will copy your text. The advantage of a store on Wmmail is that there are not so many authors here. The average price for 1000 characters is almost $ 2, but you can sell materials at a different cost.

You can add to the sale materials of any subject, simple requirements are literacy, uniqueness at least 80% (according to Advego Plagiatus) and nausea at most 8 (according to TextusPro). And if you get tired of writing articles, at any time you can go to the tasks and earn money.

Earnings on reviews

Typing at home can be turned into compiling reviews. Surely you have your opinion about various goods, for example, computer games, movies, clothes, food, cell phones or even cars.

You can make a small article expressing your own opinion and add it to the site.

Typing at home for money without investment, jobs

The articles here do not pay money, but you can get them from views. The scheme is simple, you add a review, it is watched by people, and the owner of the resource receives money. For what you wrote an interesting article that attracted the attention of visitors, you are charged a reward.

After every 1000 page views, money will come to your balance. And when you make a lot of reviews and start collecting at least 10-15 thousand views per day, you get a good income.

Other services for making money on reviews

Writing reviews also applies to types of income on typing.Sharing your opinion is not difficult, except that many people order reviews to attract the attention of customers. Write them in any volumes, for each line make a profit.

Use proven and high-quality websites:

  1. is a popular markup system where comments and reviews are often ordered. This is the simplest way to make money on typing, does not require investments and special knowledge. Collect only 100 rubles on the internal balance and you will be able to withdraw them to Webmoney.
  2. - similar conditions for payments are offered on this site. Here you can type text for advertising on the forums. In addition, there are orders for posting on blogs and social networks. Beginners here are offered a lot of small assignments (likes, repost, entry into the group).
  3. is an analogue of the Otzovik project, where the flat rate for 1000 views is 100 rubles. Write about any products, services, events, movies, games, and so on. Calculations are carried out in WebMoney, statistics is updated once a day. Choose something popular to collect maximum views.
  4. is another review system with pay-per-view. Opinions on anything are also accepted, and they pay 5 kopecks from viewing (it comes out 500 rubles for 1000 visitors). The conditions are favorable, and to receive payments on Webmoney, you need to collect 150 rubles.
  5. - recently, this service has become ideal for making money on typing. Firstly, there are often ordered reviews and comments, pay worthily. Secondly, there was a section with orders for writing articles. Minimal is not here, but to quickly take orders, you must pass the test.

Reviews, articles, comments - all this is typing at home, for which real money is paid. If you like to work on orders, be sure to register on all projects. This will help you find the best deals and receive income from several sources at once.

What type of typing at home you like more, we can not decide, but now you know for sure that you can make money on articles on the Internet and contributions are not required for this. Try yourself as an author, you may understand that this is your vocation and become a professional copywriter.

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