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After creating the site, each webmaster enters the warpath with other owners of resources, for first place in search results.

As they say, in war, all means are good, but if you use forbidden methods, search engines can reduce the opposite site in the issue, so you need to clearly know what you can use and what you can not.

Search spam, what is it? One of the methods of influencing the results in search engines.

As a rule, search spam is websites and individual pages that somehow contain false information and are created for outright advertising or deception of users.

Types of search spam | Workion. ru

The PS Rules have long established a ban on the use of search spam. Despite this, many people continue to use it.

Black SEO is used at your own risk and thousands of sites fall under the filters because of this. In order not to accidentally harm the site and not make unnecessary attempts to deceive the search engines, it is better to figure out what relates to search spam:

  • doorways (pages created to redirect traffic);
  • using tags that are not related to the content of the page;
  • exceeding keyword concentration;
  • setting invisible text;
  • buying links and creating small sites for the link mass;
  • link exchange and getting links from linkcops;
  • cloaking (page content spoofing);
  • site creation and pages with identical content.

For using one of these methods, you can get under the filters and not only lose good positions, but also completely disappear from the issue.

It is because of search engine spam that we all have difficulty finding the necessary information. Even if they are, then it is possible to find it only on page 2-3, but the search engines try to fix it.

Previously, search engines could rely on link mass, keywords, and several other important parameters. Unscrupulous webmasters abused optimization techniques, so search bots are now much smarter.

Types of search spam | Workion. ru

It is prohibited to use search spam and it is often used to eliminate competitors. If you find out how some site violates the rules, you can complain to it on Google.

The search engines need to help make the output better , they simply do not have time to analyze each site, and webmasters come up with new tricks to take the TOP in the results.

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