Types of internal linking, bread crumbs

Every webmaster knows that internal linking of the site is one of the most important optimization factors. Absolutely all sites have internal links that help webmasters increase the number of conversions, highlight key materials, distribute the weight of puzomerok, promote pages on low-frequency queries, and so on.

Today, search engines consider behavioral factors as one of the most important indicators of sites. If you have your own resource, then you should definitely take care of installing internal links, and also know what types of internal linking there are. For the first time you hear that the linking is divided into types? Then this article will be interesting to you.

Types of internal linking, bread crumbs

What is a link?

According to various criteria, it can be divided into many types, but we consider only the most important ones:

1. Context linking.
Surely, while studying various articles on the Internet, you have seen the links set in them, this is a contextual linking. Compared with all other species, this relinking is the most frequently used and most effective.

It is rather difficult to automate the addition of such a link, since automatic plugins and scripts are able to establish links only to an exact match of the names of materials.

Types of internal linking, bread crumbs

2. Through perelinkovka.
These links include all links that appear on all pages of the site. For example, they can be in the menu or special blocks on the sides of the site. Before you install pass-through links to any pages of the site, try to highlight the most important materials, as they will receive the most traffic.

Types of internal linking, bread crumbs

3. Related entries.
This type of relinking is installed automatically on almost all sites. The benefits of this are obvious, after reading the article, the visitor observes links to other relevant pages and proceeds to the study of other materials.

Types of internal linking, bread crumbs

4. Bread crumbs.
Even the most experienced webmasters and optimizers, when composing tips for newbies, always remember about the use of breadcrumbs.

This method involves the installation of links of the form Home. Computers ASUS. Model 1233. In other words, each visitor to the site can observe the path through which he had to go in order to get to the necessary page. As practice shows, this type of linking also helps to increase the number of internal navigation through the site.

If you want the internal linking on your site to be perfect, then use each of these types of link additions.

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