Types of fraud and business. Earnings on slander

You, probably, at least once interested in the question, how do the media make money on the Internet? In addition to paid advertising, these resources often choose other ways to enrich themselves, which are very deceptive for a simple user.

Types of fraud and business. Earnings on slander

Affiliate programs of low-quality products

Low-quality products are sold at more affordable prices , and then sell them much easier. This captivates the creators of sites who want to get a high income in an easy way . In the list of goods offered, you can also find a really high-quality thing, but the priority is still second-rate products that do not deserve attention, and even more so weighty costs.

Distribution of false content

Scammers on the Internet, having their own sites, often earn money by publishing false information about a company commissioned by competitors (scam sites, how to identify them ?)

Large organizations rarely fall under such a scheme, since the revealed deception can be costly for false writers, but small firms often suffer losses, because users naively believe in publications telling about an unscrupulous manufacturer or seller.

In addition to the ordered material, fraudsters often elect such a deception: they independently find a company and write a negative review or full article about it.

According to the "lucky chance", employees of the company will necessarily find out about such a publication and in order not to sue the authors of the false text for a long time, they offer the site developer a certain amount of money for deleting the article. The fraudsters rely on this, because the proposed sums often reach several tens of thousands!

Types of fraud and business. Earnings on slander

Our advice!

Easy money on the Internet is always lures people who do not want to work for an honest salary for the benefit of humanity. Simply come up with another fraud, where you can put together a whole capital in a matter of hours. In order not to give a reason for tricky scammers to turn off another fraud on websites, we recommend:

  • people who have their own resources on the Internet, do not go on the sentences "write a false article about competitors" or then the amount ";
  • for ordinary users, we advise you not to rush to conclusions, read a negative review about a particular resource, check the information on other sites, and only then draw the appropriate conclusions!

AND Remember, slander is a good opportunity to earn money for scammers, so be careful Personal and attentive on the net!
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