Types of computer viruses, file viruses

By visiting the world wide web, each user exposes his system to the danger of being infected with a virus. Of course, anti-virus systems try to eliminate the possibility of infecting a computer, but virus creators often go one step ahead of anti-virus systems.

Types of computer viruses , this is a huge list of malicious software that systematically violates the stable use of computers. It is impossible to list each variety, since today, thousands of viruses are created daily.

Therefore, we decided to present to you the main types of viruses .

Types of computer viruses, file viruses

Types of viruses

1 . One of the most popular threats are network worms. This type of virus is spread on the Internet and today is a really significant threat.

They penetrate the system using 2 methods, this is an automatic search for vulnerabilities of certain users, or the joint launch of a virus on a computer with another program. One of the most popular "network worms" was the "Morris Worm", which at one time was able to infect 10% of all users connected to the Internet.

2 . Every experienced computer user, be sure to hear about Trojan viruses. Trojan virus is a program that, unlike many other malicious programs, cannot spread automatically.

Infection of a computer with this program can lead to different outcomes, for example, one of the simplest Trajan’s, consisting of 4 lines of program code, is able to clear the hard drive when the computer is booted. As a rule, Trayans are distributed through file sharing, added to archives with third-party programs or disguised as other software.

Types of computer viruses, file viruses

3 . The third type of virus that we present to you is file viruses. The essence of such viruses is to add a script to the code of one of the files on your computer. As a rule, malicious scripts are added to autorun files that are used by the operating system.

For example, it can be drivers from different devices. At the same time, files can continue to function stably, since the malicious script is executed before they are launched.

4 . The next type of viruses is stealth viruses. They got their name for a reason, but due to the fact that I have the opportunity to go unnoticed when working with the operating system, like the Stealth fighter jets.

There are 3 types of stealth viruses, these are boot, file, and macro viruses. To combat this type of virus, experts advise to start the computer from an external medium, and then perform the scan.

Types of computer viruses, file viruses

5 . The last type of virus that you would like to introduce is macro viruses. This type of virus is written in macro languages ​​and is built into various software. According to statistics, macro viruses are most often infected with Microsoft Office Word. Such viruses are able to multiply by being redirected from one infected file to another.

After reading this material, you will definitely think about an urgent update of your antivirus database. I would like to advise you, hope not only for the antivirus, but also install an additional software package that provides a high level of protection.

Also, do not forget to analyze your actions and try to use only official sources for downloading files.

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