Types of bonuses in binary options

All large companies hold promotions and distribute bonuses to their customers. Binary options brokers are no exception.

Almost every service has various advantageous bonuses that allow you to increase your start-up capital, start without any investments at all, or get other benefits.

Types of bonuses from brokers of binary options, we consider in this article, perhaps it is the best offer of one of the companies will be for you reason to use their services.

Skeptics say that all this is " lure ", but thanks to the bonuses you can really get more favorable terms of trade.

Types of bonuses in binary options

Bonuses in binary options

There are several types of bonuses and they are offered by different companies, let's consider the most profitable offers:

one. No deposit bonuses. Issued to all new customers, without depositing funds into the account. Naturally, you will not be able to withdraw money immediately; you will first need to wager them.

There are a couple of companies that offer to start trading without investments:

  • gives $ 500;
  • gives $ 100.

The conditions for receiving no deposit bonuses are almost the same everywhere. Verification is required.

The procedure may be slightly different, somewhere they will only need to confirm the phone, and somewhere you need to send passport information. In any case, such a bonus allows you to start trading without start-up capital, and this is the most important thing.

2. First Deposit Bonus Most brokers have a first deposit bonus.

In order for people to replenish their balance more actively, they are being offered an increase in starting capital. This type of bonuses is often used in other niches, and among binary options brokers it is offered:

  • up to 150%;

The size of the bonus depends on how much you replenish your balance. Restrictions will be mandatory, for example, the maximum bonus amount on FBS is $ 20,000.

First deposit bonuses are issued on different conditions, sometimes they are simply credited to the basic balance, sometimes they need to be won back.

3. Bonus on all deposits. If you plan to use the services of one broker for a long time, then it is better to choose companies that offer bonuses for all deposits.

This is the best way to consistently receive additional funds for trading. Now such bonuses are offered by the following companies:

  • up to 90% (depending on the type of account and amount of replenishment);
  • 30% (for replenishment from $ 100).

There are also various conditions for using bonuses. Most often, the money received in excess of the deposit must be used for betting and you can withdraw only those funds that were earned from trading.

Types of bonuses in binary options

4. Special bonuses. Some brokers distribute unique and unusual bonuses.

It can be anything from free bets to the return of a spread. Of the huge number of special bonuses, we identified a couple of the most interesting:

  • are ready to return the money spent in turbo options;
  • also offers beginners a 100% refund.

Promotions with special bonuses are held frequently and by almost all companies. Binomo service can be added to their list, where the administration is ready to pay damages on 5 financial transactions executed through their platform.

5. Bonuses for new traders. Absolutely all binary options brokers use an affiliate program, but not everyone launches a "bring a friend" campaign.

These are somewhat different things and Titantrade is a good example. Now a promotion is taking place on their website, under the terms of which, you and the trader you invite receive $ 50 to your trading account.

Searching and waiting for such actions is not worth it, it is better to use affiliate programs. For example, you can receive $ 250 for one invited client. The manager individually assesses the sources of traffic, and if they are of high quality, the remuneration increases.

6. Time limited bonuses. Another type of bonuses that are found in many niches.

When a person is offered to take advantage of a time-limited offer, he intuitively agrees to it in order not to miss the moment.

A broker demonstrated a good example of using this type of bonus. Until May 9, it was possible to receive $ 700 in this company, while recharging the balance by $ 350.

Unfortunately, the action is now over. Many brokers run unique time-limited bonuses.

As you can see, there are a lot of bonuses in binary options and you can collect them. Increase your start-up capital and get favorable conditions for trading, all this is useful to you, but remember that most of the bonus funds have to win back, so read the conditions carefully.

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