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In the foreign segment of the Internet bookmakers are even more popular than in RuNet.

Hundreds of thousands of sports betting fans make a bet every day and, some manage to win huge money . Quite often, foreigners put on basketball, considering this game the most profitable.

Indeed, basketball bets have several advantages, but before using them, you need to at least figure out what basketball bets are.

There are not so many of them, but a professional should distinguish well between each type of bet. Experienced betters often give preference to alternative betting, rather than simple betting — win, draw or lose.

Types of basketball betting | Workion. ru

What does the money put in basketball for?

If you visit the sites of the best bookmakers and visit sections of basketball games, you will definitely notice how many different types The rates there are offered.

Here are the ones that you exactly meet:

  1. Basic - this type of bet is in each BC. They are accepted to win the first team (P1), the second team (P2), or the draw (X).
  2. A handicap is a certain amount of points that the score must not deviate. There is a negative and positive form. For example, if you choose a handicap and put on the command -4. 5 points, she must win with a margin of at least 5 points. If a positive value of +5 is taken. 5 points, the team should not lose with a score of less than 6 points.
  3. Total is one of the most popular types of alternative sports betting. What is the total in BC, we have already told. In short, this is a general indicator of abandoned balls in the basket.
  4. Asian Handicap is a complicated type of betting, where an obvious outsider is given a head start. In small competitions weak teams can get a head start - 6-10 points. Simply put, the game does not start from scratch, but from an open account. Here everything is exactly the same, for example, if you choose an Asian handicap +10. 5, then add these points to the selected team.
  5. Even or odd - this is the simplest type of bets, at which you only need to choose with which account the match ends, even or odd.
  6. The most productive quarter - here, too, can be guessed by name. The bet is made on the team, which for one quarter throws the most goals for the entire match.
  7. Overtime - this look can also be found in hockey bets. The English word translates as "Extra time", and bets are accepted on whether it will be issued or not.

These are the main types of basketball stakes, but there are other options. Bets are opened for different results, money is put on who will be the leader in the first half or will become an outsider in the second half, which team will be the player who has scored more swords, how many disqualifications will be per match and so on.

Types of basketball betting | Workion. ru

It is no less interesting to bet money on basketball, and now you also know what types of bets are here.

Professional cappers advise using only one type of sports for betting, but if you are good at basketball, football, tennis and other games, then why not spend more successful bets, thereby increasing your capital.

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