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Twitter is one of the most important tools used at 30DC. You, probably, quite often heard about him in the media, from various celebrities; you also know that Oprah is using it (the talk show host in the 1990s is the highest paid in its genre). Therefore, in this article we will talk a little about what it is and how to start working with it. We will give you some tips on how not to log into those 50-60% of users who are registered on Twitter and do not return there in a month. It will be a shame if you enter this 50-60%, because Twitter is the most significant invention on the Internet after email and chat (IRC).

First, let's find out how it works. Suppose you decide to go and see football, and your friends and acquaintances will say: “Wow, you! There will be football. I have to watch.” What’s the problem? You don’t have a hard time telling what, where and when.

The most interesting thing here is that different people start using Twitter in a completely different way. The question “What are you doing here?” Is a traditional Twitter question. After all, as a rule, we usually know what people do, but what really interests us is what they think about certain things, especially if something big is happening. And also, according to Ed, we have to pay special attention to Twitter, because it is through Twitter that 30DC tells us the latest news.

But before we start working with Twitter, we want to give you one very important advice, from our point of view. Many users, when registered on Twitter, “invite” a whole bunch of people to themselves, and this is a massive mistake, because you get a huge flow of information, most of which you absolutely do not need, and you start to think about that, but not empty is it a waste of time and what are you doing here?

Ed recommends that in order to 30DC and especially if you are only registered on Twitter, do not invite more than 10 people to yourself. When you sign up on Twitter, Ed will give you 4 -5 people whom you should invite, vk Finding yourself, Robert and Dan, well, maybe a couple of celebrities. Not a bad idea to invite more people you are interested in because you are members of one group within 30DC.

There are a lot of people who do not agree From this point of view. Of course, it’s up to you, but until you have gained experience in working with Twitter, it’s better to follow our advice.

What is also important, if someone invites you to yourself, don’t confirm the invitation , if you do not know a person in real life, because it is from this that all spam begins and everything remains nye problem of this kind.

Thus, do not invite more than 6-10 people to yourself. It must be either key participants 30DC, or people you know. I would not want you to get into those 50-60% of users who leave Twitter in a month, simply because they do not see the point in it. In the future, when you have gained experience with Twitter, you can significantly expand this circle.

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