Twitter hashtags. How to put hashtags?

All social networks have their own chips. Twitter is different from analogs to many, and one of the innovations is hashtags.

Now they are used to mark a record in all social services. networks, but they are added to Twitter much more often. They are needed in order to refer posts to a specific topic, and if you get traffic from there or promote your account, then they are definitely worth inserting.

Twitter hashtags are a special label added to the post in one word, at the beginning of which the grid character is set.

This way of delimiting records is very convenient, and it is worth adding them to each post if you want to increase their views. Professionals know that this is one of their clever ways to optimize on Twitter.

Twitter hashtags. How to put hashtags?

To add them to posts is extremely simple. You just need to put the # symbol and add some word after it. You can specify anything, and the text after this icon automatically turns into a link:

Twitter hashtags. How to put hashtags?

Large companies and marketers always use popular hashtags. According to research, by adding such tags, the popularity of tweet increases 2 times.

But not all hashtags affect the reach of an audience in the same way, because some are often used, and some are not used at all:

Twitter hashtags. How to put hashtags?

This is a good example use a pair of hashtags by a large bank. If a person is interested in the topic of deposits or he wants to learn more about Binbank, he can simply click on the link in the hashtags and get a whole list of relevant tweets:

Twitter hashtags. How to put hashtags?

The information in them is different, but it is thematic . Likewise, other people can find your tweets by clicking on links from the tags. This is the main reason for adding them.

Most popular Twitter hashtags

For the use of tags to bring positive results, you must select the current hashtags. You can see them directly in your profile.

Under the block with interesting microblogs there is a list of hashtags, which are currently used more often:

Twitter hashtags. How to put hashtags?

They are suitable for current tweets, and if you want your record to be seen by as many users as possible, use popular hashtags on Twitter:

#runews - for Russian news.
#followfriday - for advertising other microblogging on Fridays.
#rufollowme - to advertise your microblog.
#confessionfriday - for publishing facts about yourself.
#fact - mark for any facts.
#russia - any tweets about Russia.
#moscow - for tweets related to Moscow.
#ukraine - likewise, for records about Ukraine.
#lovefood - for food records.
#vk - for posts about Vkontakte.

This list can be continued to infinity, as more and more hashtags appear, and some vice versa disappear with time.

They are divided into 3 large groups:

  1. Thematic - for a bunch of posts with a particular topic.
  2. Flash mobs - for fun and participation in events.
  3. Event - because of some event.

For example, on the eve of the new year, the hashtag #new year2016 was relevant. It was used for tweets with greetings, sweepstakes, postcards, gifts, and so on.

Twitter hashtags are used all the time, and experienced bloggers understand how effective they are.

For the sake of interest, try to place similar records, just add tags in one, and leave the other without them. Immediately notice the difference if you have a fairly popular microblogging.

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