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Hello everyone! New Year's bustle, cooking, etc., filled the everyday life atmosphere. Seoshniki and moneymakers summarize the work done for the year. But, unlike ordinary, urban or country people, we, moneymakers, still think about new earnings, about new zeros in our checks, about new traffic, etc., in my head. part of the brain - seotalamus or bablotalamus.

By the way, by the way, I want to offer you a topic about traffic. Let's talk about it. He does not get out of my head. I think that in the context of the past marathon 2009, it will be very helpful. Do you mind? Yes, and the topic is not about foreign traffic, but about our native Russian traffic.

Everything you already know perfectly well that there is a sea of ​​ways to get traffic:

  • article directories
  • RSS aggregators
  • exchange of links and links
  • partly comments
  • social networks and bookmarks
  • contextual, banner, teaser, etc. advertising
  • ... and many more good and bad methods

Personally, I’m for white methods. Do you think the list can be continued? I think yes. Unsubscribe, pliz, in the comments, to maintain the topic. Thank you!

Twitter Follower

Twitter Follower - traffic on the machine - Profit Hunter Twitter is a separate and weighty topic on ... And, why do we need Twitter? Traffic, traffic and again, traffic! Twitter allows you to gather a large audience around our resource, to find and create a thematic circle of interests. And you know what a very important advantage of Twitter? … Target targeting . clearly targeted visitors will come to our website or blog. Do you need traffic traf? We are looking for people by car tags, etc. By the way, Brake wrote about this very well and also created a good script that does a very simple and very important job. Follow, follow and follow again! Some interesting relationship is obtained:

Follow, follow and follow again!

Traffic, traffic and again, traffic!

This relationship is true. Only we have not yet mastered Twitter. The brake , by the way, is not casual Twiter Follower wrote. The fact is that the Russian Internet is slowly acquiring tweeter pieces, because it senses new features and scales .

What can Twitter Follower do?

Traffic on the machine. This is his main highlight. He can also:

  • tweeter an unlimited number of accounts
  • work on a schedule or
  • by the number of launches
  • understands targeting
  • knows how follow those who answer questions on a specific topic
  • can select tweeters from reviews about a particular product or event
  • ...

I personally like this typesetter of Follower functions. What we talked about in the marathon: target visitors, relevance, targeting, etc. Do you remember? Vooot ... Brake did the homework (joke) perfectly well and created such a script. And by golly, we did not agree on anything. Just a lucky coincidence. And very, by the way.

It is important !!!

Yes, I almost forgot. Twitter Follower need to have time to buy . It's not about some promotions and luring buyers. One of the reasons - protection from baryg, selling someone else's software illegally and even at a lower price. And this leads to hitting the same software in some unknown hands. Therefore, Twitter Follower will not be sold to everyone. Why and to whom? We read here.


Also Brake announced a New Year's Eve week of free prices! Details on the blog Brakes. I want to mark the chip " free price ". You can buy the proposed product for the amount that you consider fair or possible for yourself.

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