Turn your talent into a business with Etsy

Remember, we talked about creative earnings on the Internet, where the Fair of Masters was presented.

It turns out that this site has a foreign counterpart, and as you know, foreigners tend to lay out big money for exclusive hand-made things, besides the audience of buyers there is much more.

Earnings for creative people with - this is another opportunity to turn a hobby into a profitable business.

A wide variety of items are sold here, starting with knitted sweaters and unusual teaspoons, ending with lamps. All this is put up for sale in front of millions of buyers eager to buy something unusual.

Turn your talent into a business with Etsy

To start earning money on this site, you do not need to pay anything. The system takes only 3. 5% of the transaction, and over 22 million potential buyers from different parts of our planet enter here.

Sales are conducted daily in large quantities, and the administration helps the authors of the work to understand the details.

Regular registration separates you from adding your products and starting sales. Where to begin? From evaluating products offered by other people:

Turn your talent into a business with Etsy

Pay attention to the prices, you are unlikely to be able to sell such things in RuNet for such money.

In the foreign segment of the Internet, prices are completely different, so the cost is acceptable. Now more than 1.5 million authors are registered here, the competition is serious, so you have to come up with something unusual.

How much can you earn with Etsy?

Does it make sense to talk about the possibility of earning thousands of dollars. It is better to consider a specific example.

Alisha Schaeffer showed a great example of making money on needlework. She was fond of creating headbands and registered for Etsy without serious hopes for a big salary.

Now she receives at least $ 70,000 per month , and about 20 people work for her. She has three children, after whom she named her own store Three Bird Nest.

Through it, she now sells not only bandages, the assortment has long been expanded with all sorts of scarves, pendants, earrings and so on:

Turn your talent into a business with Etsy

As Alisha herself says, she even did not assume such success. When her dressings were put up for sale, one order came in a week. Before the New Year holidays, 90 orders were received, we had to attract a couple of people to help, and then she was literally bombarded with offers.

After the grand success of Alisha Schaeffer, she was interviewed more than once. Now she is a successful business woman, but she continues to develop products independently.

In her opinion, products must be constantly advertised in order to achieve a similar result. There is something to learn from her, because the "home masters" are ready to work even for a monthly profit of $ 1000 .

Etsy Earnings Tips

Recommendations for making money on manual work with this service should start with advertising.

After registering on the site and creating your own store, you will have a full-fledged virtual showcase, around which you will need to gather people. This can be done through advertising campaigns.

Use and attract overseas buyers, they are more generous. Alternatively, you can use social networks and even record videos about the creation of your work. Any information will play into your hands, popularity helps to achieve success.

Also, to reach a decent yield, listen to useful recommendations:

  • take care of a quality wrapper so that your customers receive beautifully packaged goods;
  • it will not be superfluous to write a thank-you letter and attach it to the package;
  • add only high-quality photos of the goods. This affects their attractiveness (it is advisable to take pictures from different sides and specify a detailed description):
  • Turn your talent into a business with Etsy
  • invent and implement the most daring ideas, original goods attract more attention;
  • consider modern trends, take them as a basis for your ideas;
  • do not limit to one category of goods, if you have skills, create anything;
  • analyze the interests of the target audience in order to understand what exactly a potential buyer needs;
  • create your own brand (you can choose simple name, as Alisha did);
  • after creating the store, work on its design. Not many settings are available, but at least you can add text information, a logo and a picture:
  • Turn your talent into a business with Etsy
  • add only high-quality photos of the goods.This affects their attractiveness (it is advisable to take pictures from different angles and indicate a detailed description);
  • on the store page; describe all the details of orders, delivery times, and so on;
  • when adding goods, use tags the more there are, the more chances that the buyer will find your product;
  • work on replenishing the assortment according to a pre-planned plan to cope with large volume;
  • invite customers to participate in promotions and use discounts (what discounts to do in online business).

The golden rule for the development of any business with sales is a stable update of the product range.

Newly added offers are in the list of new products. Use this trick, do not add all the goods at once, do it gradually, so that your work will always be on the list of new ones.

Huge money on Etsy can be earned, but only those who go to the goal can do it. In conclusion, we advise you to make out 5 mistakes of beginning businessmen, because working for Etsy is your small business, which has great prospects.

If your store becomes popular, nothing will prevent you from developing success and launching a separate online store, which due to its popularity will be visited by thousands of customers.

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