Turn off emotions and get richer

It is impossible to explain to some people that their expenses are becoming the main cause of financial problems. Yes, yes, it is a big expense, not a low income.

We all want to spend everything in our pockets as soon as something appears there. Why? Because it causes certain emotions, very few people manage without them.

Emotions are the main enemy of your budget, forcing you to literally throw out money. Remember how often you are in high spirits shopping or spending a substantial amount to eat in a restaurant.

Costs pleased you, although it would be possible to do without costs, because there are many other sources of emotions in life .

Turn off emotions and get richer

Not so long ago we published the article “I spend a lot of money, what to do?”. This is a real problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Increased emotion also pushes to spend the budget unnecessarily.

If you notice that your money is flying "into the pipe", take action on the following plan:

  1. Try to realize that money and emotions are closely related. Understanding the problem helps to solve it faster (as is the case with gamers). Learn to share emotions and expenses, you will immediately notice the difference.
  2. Before you once again get money from your wallet and give it to the seller, become an analyst. Ask yourself a simple question - do you really need this purchase, what will it change?
  3. To understand that you are among the people who spend money in a rush of emotion, look at your recent purchases. Look in cabinets and drawers, count how much was spent on products that you practically do not use.
  4. After completing the previous step and determining the useless amount spent, consider what you could spend money on. Consider the options where you can invest money on the Internet, at the same time to understand how much you could get.
  5. In life, try to follow one simple rule - to get emotions from money invested in assets, and not uselessly spent. When the amount is scrolling, you will see that it is much better and gradually improve the position of your finances.

Stop complaining about crises, the state, the president, and the people around them. The standard of living depends only on you.

Why does someone manage to earn decent money, but don't you? Someone will say - a matter of chance, but it is not. To achieve something, you have to work, even to win the lottery, you need to buy a ticket.

Turn off emotions and get richer

Where better to spend money?

So that your finances do not lie idle and do not make you think about possible purchases, start investing . Even if you have about 1000 free rubles per month, you can put them into circulation.

The easiest way is economic games, and in particular. On this site, people buy cars and get passive income from this:

Turn off emotions and get richer

Even 50 rubles is enough to buy the first car. What you need to be aware of is limitations. Everything that comes from cars cannot be withdrawn, for this a passenger account should have a similar amount.

Be sure to explore 4 ways to make money in Taxi Money, so as not to be disappointed in this project. And so that you understand how profitable it is, look at my statistics:

Turn off emotions and get richer

This is not a joke, I really get more than 10,000 rubles a day from this game. For a month a decent amount comes out, and we managed to achieve this in almost a year.

Believe me, when these amounts arrive on a card, you get many times more emotions than buying a new sports suit or a delicious meal in an expensive restaurant.

It is impossible to live without emotions, so you need to look for alternatives and finally understand that costs are unnecessary. When you realize this, you can improve your financial situation, it's never too late to fix it.

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