Turn 20,000 rubles into a million

No one would refuse to earn a million rubles on the Internet, only many are in a hurry and trying to make a fortune quickly.

This is what most newcomers are destroying, since for a lot of money, serious contributions and a serious knowledge base are required. But if you extend the achievement of your goal for several years, everything becomes much easier.

How to become a millionaire in 6 years? Make it quite realistic, with a small investment.

In this article we will offer you a simple plan for making a million, and also tell you what methods you can use. You will only have to show a little activity and learn something.

Turn 20,000 rubles into a million

How much are you willing to spend to achieve your dream and become a millionaire? The amount of 20 thousand rubles will be enough. In addition to the initial capital, you will need to find a way to get at least 100% per annum.

Just below we will look at the available options, and now let's look at the earnings scheme:

  • 1 year - 20,000 + 20,000 = 40,000 rubles
  • 2 years - 40 000 + 40 000 = 80 000 rubles
  • 3 year - 80 000 + 80 000 = 160 000 rubles
  • 4 year - 160 000 + 160 000 = 320 000 rubles
  • 5 year - 320 000 + 320 000 = 640 000 rubles
  • 6 year - 640 000 + 640 000 = 1 280 000 rubles

It turns out even just over a million rubles. Yes, it will take more than one year, but few have become a rich man in a few months.

Now even mortgages are issued for 15 years, and you have to pay almost 10,000 rubles to buy a small apartment for about 1,500,000 (in the regions). Agree, it is better to make an effort and make money in 6 years.

Ways to receive 100% per annum

If you put money into a bank with interest, in 6 years from 12,000 rubles you will receive about 12,000 rubles. Ridiculous amount, which is already depreciate. That is why, you need to use other investment methods:

  1. Binary options - today this is an advanced way of making money online, which requires you to bid on quotes. For example, you can bet that tomorrow Facebook shares will cost less and if this is really the case, the trader gets at least 60% of the set amount:
  2. Turn 20,000 rubles into a million
  3. Forex Trading - classical trade is somewhat more complicated, but safer. You buy the currency, and then wait until its price rises to close the deal profitably. To get 100% annually, it’s enough to reach profitability of 8. 33% monthly:
  4. Turn 20,000 rubles into a million
  5. PAMM investing - if you don’t want to understand the intricacies of trading, put it on the shoulders of professionals. Invest in investment portfolios and earn income passively. There are traders who help investors get 300% in 4 weeks in a month:
  6. Turn 20,000 rubles into a million
  7. LAMM investing is practically the same as PAMM deposits, only you don’t give your money for someone's management. You need to open a special account from which transactions will be conducted on the machine. The system copies the actions of successful traders, and you automatically receive income:
  8. Turn 20,000 rubles into a million
  9. Games with money withdrawal - I use this method myself. In games, you can even start without investments, but you will have to actively attract new users to earn good money. I have devoted the last year to writing articles about economic games, so now every day I am withdrawing substantial sums from them. These are statistics for just one project:
  10. Turn 20,000 rubles into a million

If you want to reduce risks, try investing in several directions at once. It is quite likely that you will reach a yield of over 100%, so you will have a million in less than 6 years.

Want to manage your own balance and control your income or expenses? Then you can invest in traffic arbitration.

The Internet has opened up new opportunities for all of us, and if you know other ways to double any amount each year, be sure to use this. The higher the annual percentage yield, the shorter the path to the status of a millionaire.

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