Turn 100 rubles into 75,000 with Geometrika (financial pyramid)

Every user can build a successful online career and create a source of decent profits.

Many different projects have now been created, a wide selection allows you to find the best conditions and method of income that is right for you. Financial pyramids should also be included in the list of these projects, as some of them are honest services.

Turn 100 rubles into 75,000 seconds, and all that is required for this is to actively involve people in this system.

As you may have guessed, this is a financial pyramid, but the most important thing is that it pays and almost 40,000 people have already connected to this system. You only need to invest 100 rubles, and you send them to your referrer, and not to the organizers of the project.

Turn 100 rubles into 75,000 with Geometrika (financial pyramid)

Profitable earnings with Geometrika

The organizers of this project have come up with an interesting money distribution scheme. Each ruble is transferred to the account of another user. Participants throw money to each other in QIWI wallets, and do not replenish the account within the system, which protects their money. Only one referral involved fully pays for the costs.

Only at Geometrika you can receive money even without referrals, as the system attaches free referrals to the participants in turn.

There are 4 levels of referrals here. After completing the registration, you will see the following notification:

Turn 100 rubles into 75,000 with Geometrika (financial pyramid)

You will need to transfer 100 rubles to another participant’s wallet and indicate the transaction number. Make it easy, see the instructions on how to replenish QIWI wallet to make the first payment.

You invest 100 rubles in the first level and, if you have 3 participants at each level, you get 75,000 rubles from 4 levels of referrals (there will be 81 people).

You transfer money to a person who is in the structure above you and, due to this, you open the first level of referrals . At this step, you will already receive 200 rubles guaranteed, as the administration assigns a couple of free referrals to everyone (it's a long turn, to wait a long time).

Turn 100 rubles into 75,000 with Geometrika (financial pyramid)

Each attracted user transfers 100 rubles to your wallet to open the first level of referrals. To open the second level, you need to pay 200 rubles. This money goes to the user, above your referrer.

Now, when users of the second level open the second level, they pay money to you:

Turn 100 rubles into 75,000 with Geometrika (financial pyramid)

After that, you can open the third level by paying 400 rubles and fourth, paying 800 rubles. From each level you will receive money, but in different amounts. The most important thing is that all the money goes to QIWI wallet, without commissions and additional interest.

In the statistics, you can observe how many referrals you have at each level and how much profit the project has brought to you:

Turn 100 rubles into 75,000 with Geometrika (financial pyramid)

Please note that there is another table " Reinvest ". This is an additional way to make money. To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to re-pay every level of referrals, and if the attracted people will reinvest, the money will again flow to your wallet.

It is better to immediately buy 4 levels of referrals so that the invited people will not be attached to other participants by your referrals.

So that you have no doubts, here are the statistics of the virtual wallet, which is consistently receiving money from Geometrics:

Turn 100 rubles into 75,000 with Geometrika (financial pyramid)

All money comes with comments, Due to this, it is not difficult to determine exactly which of the invited participants sends them.

How quickly you will manage to reach level 4 and develop your network with referrals is hard to say. In any case, with an initial investment of 100 rubles and attracting at least 3 active users, you can already succeed.

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