Tropic Birds, game with no cash points (scam)

From gaming sites, the easiest way is to make money online, but in most cases, they are forced to attract referrals or invest something.

There are projects where there are no payment points, and they offer to make a mandatory minimum deposit without investments. Now we will tell about one of them.

The game with the withdrawal of money without points and investments Tropic Birds is gaining popularity with great speed, because it does not put tight restrictions on payments and offers high interest rates.

The project has already interested thousands of users who have replenished balance sheets totaling more than 2 million rubles.

Tropic Birds, game with no cash points (scam)


Registration in the Tropic Birds cash-out game

To start playing, you need to create an account in the game. It will take a couple of minutes, since they are only asked to specify the mail and come up with a username and password. No checks, immediately enter the profile and get 3000 silver as a gift.

You get the first bird for free, and eggs immediately come from it. Peculiarities of the main income:

  • 6 types of birds are available;
  • monthly yield from 36% to 63%;
  • bird life is not limited;
  • eggs in a warehouse do not spoil;
  • when they are sold, 50% goes to a conclusion, 50% to purchases;
  • selling rate of eggs 100 pcs. = 1 silver.

Any newcomer will quickly figure out what exactly he needs to do, because the interface is intuitive. Nevertheless, we decided to tell in more detail about the game, its functions and the actions that need to be performed.

Balance replenishment

There are no points, but there is one restriction in the form of a mandatory deposit of 30 rubles. It is not necessary to deposit it, you can simply earn game currency, which equates to account replenishment.

But if you don’t want to waste time or you are ready to invest for faster passive earnings, go to the “Deposit to balance” section and choose the appropriate method:

Tropic Birds, game with no cash points (scam)

Most interesting that in addition to the standard methods, even cryptocurrencies are available here (later payments can be ordered for them). For every 10 rubles is charged 1000 gaming silver. A 10% bonus is set for the first deposit, so it’s better to deposit a large amount right away.

How do players earn money from birds at Tropic Birds?

Users of this project make money differently, but the main method is selling eggs. For this you need to buy birds. Their several types, differ in price and profitability.

As already mentioned, the first bird is purchased for bonus funds. Therefore, immediately after registration, go to the "Buy Birds" section and choose a white bird:

Tropic Birds, game with no cash points (scam)

Already 36% per month will come from it, but these are not the most favorable conditions. To get the maximum, you need to buy orange birds, they have a fecundity of 63% per month, i.e. in about 45 days they pay back costs:

Tropic Birds, game with no cash points (scam)

Egg collection is held in stock , in the same place they automatically change to gaming silver. This can be done at least once a month, nothing is burned and does not deteriorate. Under the statistics for each type of bird, there is a special button:

Tropic Birds, game with no cash points (scam)

Each hundred eggs brings 1 silver, which is divided in half to the balance for withdrawal and purchase. Anyone who has already managed to take advantage of games with earnings on eggs and birds, then it will be easy to get comfortable.

How to start earning money from scratch?

It is not necessary to invest money, even to activate the output function. The game has additional ways to make money, allowing you to collect as many silver as you like. Some bring gaming currency, some help to collect the very 30 rubles that are needed to open the output:

  1. Surfing - look at advertisers and sites get money Everything that comes from surfing, corresponds to the completion, so it helps to start the game from scratch.
  2. Bonuses - they are distributed every day and every hour. There are a number of other freebies, including a risk bonus, for referrals, for video reviews.
  3. Tasks - they are asked to add a friend to the VC, write a review on the forum, register, and so on. Silver from tasks also equates to recharge.
  4. Affiliate Program - attract referrals and get 10% -2% from 2 levels to the balance for withdrawal.
  5. Contests - they are held between active investors and referrals. The maximum prize is 25% of the replenishment amount (yours or referrals).

There are other interesting features on the project. For example, you can pay for the service of automatically receiving referrals or change silver for withdrawal to an advertising account or an account for purchases with a bonus of 10%.

Withdrawing money from Tropic Birds

The minimum amount to withdraw is only 1 ruble. Funds are transferred to phone numbers, e-wallets and in cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Litecoin.If the amount of the payment does not exceed 500 rubles, the money comes instantly:

Tropic Birds, game with no cash points (scam)

For each method, a percentage of the commission is set, as usual, the most favorable conditions for Payeer (0. 95%). Money comes without delay, no cache points are definitely required.

My review of the game with the conclusion of Tropic Birds

Similar projects open every day, but not all of them are high-quality. There are no points in tropical birds, but due to well-thought-out marketing, the game will work for a long time.

Now it is only gaining momentum, fewer than 20,000 users are registered, which should be of interest to partners.

At the moment, payments work fine, technical support is always ready to answer questions, but you don’t need to contact it. All functions work properly, money is displayed, there are descriptions in each section, the interface is intuitive.

Based on personal experience, say, such games work for a long time, but now is the best time to register.

While Tropic Birds has not reached the TOPs, but there are prerequisites for this.

The game with the withdrawal of money allows you to earn even cryptocurrency, and there are many functions in it, plus no points. By all measures, it is excellent. Try to start without investments, if in doubt, you will not lose anything.

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