Trojan program. How to remove a trojan?

An inexperienced Internet user cannot even imagine how many computers in the world are infected with a virus.

We all use the Internet, and through it spreads a huge amount of malicious programs that violate the PC system, open "holes" hackers or block the system.

Trojan virus (Trojan program) is the most common hacker tool.

If you read an article about the most high-profile Internet crimes, you should know that even malware was hacked into the banking system at the expense of malware. That is why you can never download software from unreliable sources.

Trojan program. How to remove a trojan?

What does the Trojan virus do and how does it infect the system?

To explain the essence of such programs, it is worth delving into the history. This virus got its name from a story about a Trojan horse.

The generous gift left by the fleeing conquerors was transferred to the fortress, and fighters came out of it, who managed to sneak in behind the safe walls.

The Trojan program works in the same way. An ordinary user is looking for something on the network, most often these are free versions of paid utilities.

The same Photoshop can be a malicious program. Attackers disguise the Trojan as a useful program and offer to download it. The victim installs the software itself, sometimes even ignores the warnings of the antivirus, and then the following picture appears on the screen:

Trojan program. How to remove a trojan?

By the way, Trojans do not always blocking the operating system. Some of them have a different purpose. You may even be able to use the downloaded program, not suspecting that changes have been made to it.

Viruses spread themselves on the network and infect the system. Although Trojans are called viruses, they are not. Correctly call them malware.

Imagine that you downloaded a browser, office, or program to promote Odnoklassniki. After installation, everything works, you do not notice anything, but in fact, the system is used for DDOS attacks.

Simply put, while you are sitting in front of the monitor, you are connected to thousands of different sites from your PC in order to harm their owners.

Unfortunately, hackers are constantly improving their skills and easily bypass all levels of antivirus protection. No one knows that his PC is used for attacks, and even large projects hosted on dedicated servers "bring down".

Although this is not the worst, well, transitions are performed and that, it does not harm the user. Some trojans are designed to hack the system and transfer data.

I myself have come across malware that copied keystrokes when entering a password from an e-wallet. And such tricks are used by fraudsters.

Trojan program. How to remove a trojan?

How to remove a trojan?

A Trojan virus on Android and any other operating system may appear. To avoid this, you should not only use modern antiviruses, but also update their databases as often as possible. In addition, install firewalls that control data transfer.

Most users don’t think about it until their system is infected or serious problems appear.

Has the malware been installed on your PC?

  1. Try updating the antivirus, it should determine the infection.
  2. If the screen is locked, start the computer from the boot disk.
  3. You can try to start the system in safe mode (suitable for the phone, too).
  4. Radical measure - reinstall the operating system.
  5. Download scan utilities from official anti-virus sites.

If a Trojan worm virus displays a message on the whole screen or asks you to send a paid SMS, see the instructions on how to remove the banner extortionist.

The best way to protect against Trojans and various viruses is to install a reliable antivirus, as well as attentiveness. It is better to abandon the software with questionable resources.

When you don’t want to pay for a real program, you risk falling victim to hackers.

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