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To the question “Do you want money?”, 100% of respondents answered “No”. Will you believe it? And rightly so. Everybody wants money. And they need somewhere to take, and it is better to earn. Making money is good, and making good money is even better. Where does our income begin? The greats say that everything starts with an idea. Yes, it is a fact. In the context of web mastery and website building, our income begins with little things. A lot of them. Recall trivia in SEO . We stretch a little bone, so to speak.

Many SEO companies and professionals base their recommendations for clients on fundamental experience and practice. They use the following important little things in the optimization:

  1. Words in the URL are separated not by the underscore "_”, but by the hyphen "-".
  2. For the headings on the page they use the H1 tag.
  3. H2 and H3 tags are used for subtitles.
  4. Key words or phrases on the page are in bold type. At least once
  5. Modify internal links so that anchors are linked to the target pages. . e. not just to deduce at the end of the post “Related Articles”, but to link articles to the context.
  6. The location of the main keywords at the beginning of the headline.
  7. Reduce code in relation to content. For example, if the page has a couple of lines of text, and the code is sausage on pages five, then how is it called? In order to avoid such a disgrace, initially it is necessary to plan and organize the page and its elements. Under the volume of content organize the entire page.
  8. Alt tags are used for images.
  9. Close links in nofollow to such service pages as "authorization", "registration", etc. Robots of PS should go in strictly limited space on the site, and not wander everywhere.

These little things often end up at the end of the list of optimization priorities. You know that the little things often do not pay attention. This requires a certain perseverance, attentiveness and patience.

If everything is so simple at first glance, then what's the problem? The problem is just in the amount of these little things. We are customers for ourselves, first of all. How would we serve a client if we had a real order for optimization? Consultations, questions, clarification of customer needs, technical specifications, adjustments and so on. The client is hard to understand the importance of all these SEO shnyh wisdoms. But we understand them. And we “throw” ourselves on optimization.

Do not be lazy to pay yourself attention as a client. It will pay off.

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