Tricky way to advance in Mail points

Webmasters often underestimate the additional sources of traffic and rarely use the least popular search engines.

A great example is the search engine

. Of the total share of search traffic in Russia, it receives only 7%, but when you consider how much a person is, it becomes clear that it makes sense to move here.

Promotion in Mail points is a non-standard approach to displaying your resource to the first positions on low-frequency queries.

Few people know that a point system works in this search engine, a little more site owners have registered an account on Mail webmaster, although this also helps to collect traffic.

Tricky way to advance in Mail points

To use this method, you first need to register and add your site to. This is done just as in other search engines.

After that, it is necessary to add sitelinks in your account. These are quick links in Mail, here the site owner himself can specify them (choose the best pages of your resource):

Tricky way to advance in Mail points

You also need to add a phone number and address, they will be displayed in a snippet. After completing these steps, go back to Mail webmaster and click "I want to first place":

Tricky way to advance in Mail points

In this section, you must specify a link to the page and request.

After that, the frequency statistics will open (how many times people have entered this query into Mail), and you can also see how many points you need to spend to move the page to the first place (as a rule, you need 5 points):

Tricky way to advance in Mail points

Choose the appropriate requests for the selected page, distribute points competently and do not forget to take into account the regionality. Unfortunately, points can be spent only on requests with a frequency below 150, all keys with a higher frequency are simply marked in gray and cannot be selected.

How to earn Mail points?

Distribute these points for helping to improve the search. You will need to look for errors in the issue and send notifications to the administration.

For example, if you entered some kind of query and found a non-relevant site instead of the first places, report it and you will be given 20 points. To start, again, you will need to go to the Mail webmaster office, where there is a special section:

Tricky way to advance in Mail points

Click on it, and a page with detailed information opens. You can not read it, just click "Add" and get to the page with the form:

Tricky way to advance in Mail points

Everything is elementary here, indicate the link to the page with search results, choose the type of error and write a comment . The check takes from one week to one month, after which points are credited to the balance.

To get things going faster, useful tips will be useful:

  • use ambiguous words to find inappropriate output results. For example, the word Hope has two meanings, so there is a high probability of finding an error;
  • it makes sense to use complex terms. For example, in your game there may be cards and characters with certain names, and when you enter them in the search, irrelevant results will appear;
  • try to enter even elementary questions, if there is no answer to them, then improper results will appear (for example, where it is better to put the Christmas tree);
  • you can try to look for errors with the word translation. For example, if the issue does not have a suitable result for the "Transfer hopelessness" query, an error is detected.

In general, it is worthwhile to make Mail a default search and when looking for information, always keep track of possible errors. Determining them is not so easy, so you will not find that in a couple of hours you will collect a lot of points.

The method of promotion to Mail through points is very laborious , but even professionals already use it. Obviously, even the first places for low-frequency queries benefit. Especially this method is suitable for young sites and information sites (such as blogs).

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