TrendMaster tactical options trading

Only those traders who have already learned how to use different strategies get big money from binary options.

Many interesting techniques have been developed based on the use of a wide variety of indicators. You will have to find the best strategy yourself, having tried as many options as possible.

TrendMaster tactical options trading helps reduce risks by 70-80 percent, because when using the methodology, you will receive high-quality signals.

It is not difficult to apply it, it is enough to use a special service and create a special template from which signals will come.

TrendMaster tactical options trading

TrendMaster binary options strategy

You can apply the technique on the website of any broker. We recommend using, now there are some free bets for beginners, so you can test the action plan for free.

If this is not enough for you, open a demo account with a broker and trade as much as you like, even without registration (there is authorization through social networks).

To prepare for the application of the strategy, you will need to create a template yourself. Why we do not give a ready-made template? Because we do not know for sure which asset you want to make deals with.

Creating templates with indicators is not difficult; a service is created for this, where you first need to specify an asset:

TrendMaster tactical options trading

In order for the indicators to help collect accurate signals, you need to be in the settings specify a timeframe of one minute:

TrendMaster tactical options trading

The TrendMaster technique is based on using the vdubTrendMaster indicator. You can add it from the "Public" section (the Indicators tab):

TrendMaster tactical options trading

After completing everything according to the instructions, you should have a form in which the graph and indicator will be presented:

TrendMaster tactical options trading

Now you can move on to collecting signals that help you choose the right direction of the asset.

When to make deals Above?

Remember that it is better to use short-term deals (no more than 5 minutes). Open an option to increase the trend is in the event that:

  1. The graph moves up and overcomes the blue bar of the moving average line.
  2. The price bar closes above the gray indicator of the technical indicator.
  3. The Buy symbol appears on the chart.
TrendMaster tactical options trading

If you see all these signs, immediately open an option to increase the rate (value of the asset). Above on the chart you can see a good example, pay attention, the signal did not give false information, the chart really went up.

When to make deals Below?

TrendMaster transactions must be closed quickly, therefore, never close the trading platform window. You will need to buy options for a fall in the event that:

  1. The chart moves below the moving average (blue line).
  2. The price bar closes below the technical indicator (gray cloud).
  3. The Sell prompt appears on the chart.
TrendMaster tactical options trading

In the example, you can see the appropriate situation for opening the "Below" option. Note that the signal also gave an accurate forecast, the trend went down in the next 10 minutes.

$ 500 is credited to traders for profile verification. These are bonus funds, the profit from them can be withdrawn by fulfilling several conditions.

Spend some time to create templates for different assets (to save them, you need to register for). Test profitable strategy and share the results of the money earned in the comments. According to statistics, this technique shows good results.

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