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From the foreign Internet, new trends and concepts often come to us. Site owners continue to invent new ideas for the implementation of interesting projects and create new content formats.

There is really a lot of information on the web, but not all of it is attractive, and a new type of blogging has appeared against this background.

Transparent blogging - what is it? If you delve into the expression itself, then in simple language it sounds like informational transparent or without secret blogging.

Guess what his chip is? The authors of such resources lay out their secrets, chips, tricks, knowledge, emotions, without hiding anything.

Transparent Blogging Features | Workion. ru

How effective is transparent blogging?

Now, everyone can create a blog, but the competition is so high that it’s better to use some some fresh ideas.

Transparent blogging is suitable for creating a non-standard site, but not everyone will be able to run such a blog. Only if you are ready to share the most intimate, try to realize the idea.

On my blog there are many articles with different secrets and chips that I use myself. In part, this is also transparency.

You can see an example in the game review. On this site they offer to invest money at high interest rates, but they can only be withdrawn if there is the same amount on the passenger account.

Most authors are silent about this, but on the contrary, I tell you how and where to earn rubles in a passenger account. In addition, I don’t hide how much I manage to get from this project:

Transparent Blogging Features | Workion. ru

I don’t use any hidden or deceptive methods, I try to share reliable information and personally try to check each resource. So that people have an idea of ​​how much they can earn, I consistently post an income statement.

Transparency is good at marketing

By sharing your secrets you can not only attract the attention of readers, but also potential customers.

Most blog visitors have already learned to distinguish advertising posts from those that are compiled in the form of reviews. They represent not only positive but also negative sides.

Advertisers have been using it for a long time; they make posts from the first person and tell us that they have given one or another product. So that no one doubted honesty, added minor drawbacks. In advertising, this works fine , but transparent blogging itself is somewhat different.

You do not need to come up with pros, new solutions or look for reviews. You write from yourself, your personal thoughts, experiences, fears, disappointments and so on. The so-called oblozhenny blogging is really interesting and you probably came across articles compiled by this method.

Transparent Blogging Features | Workion. ru

Features of transparent blogging

If you decide to take this cunning method into service, then first learn its features. There are both pros and cons of this type of blogging. Consider them:

  • know a measure of openness, some information that is open to readers may cause problems (someone will use it);
  • articles will have to be written sincerely and not an opinion. As you think, just write, this is the main thing;
  • before you start this type of blog, it’s better to get a little loose. The fact is that not everyone is interested in reading the thoughts and sincerity of an unknown genius;
  • confirm your words, post photos, statistics, screenshots of payments and so on;
  • so that the post does not turn out to be empty, do not invent nothing. Make it a rule - first try, then tell about it;
  • fully disclose the topic, one paragraph with a negative review and without any arguments does not look very convincing;
  • share absolutely everything, tell even then, on which sites you often sit and download something from;
  • try to evoke emotions in your readers (negative or positive is not important). You can even troll them a little and use controversial points.

As with creating a regular blog, it will take time to promote a project. And how much you will take a set of popularity, it depends on you.

It is possible that transparent blogging will be widely distributed in the future , but now the classic remains in trend.

Tops are often quality materials that represent all the important points, and not the personal opinion of some blogger. Therefore, before you take a fresh idea, think carefully.

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