Training and options trading on Stockpair

Forex brokers are increasingly offering earnings on binary options, but it is better to use specialized services.

Platforms from brokers who provide as a trading tool, only binary options have increased convenience, and also a great set of tools.

Training and options trading is a good solution for a novice and experienced trader.

This company offers services to clients from all over the world, their platform has been translated into several languages. Broker is quality and has a number of advantages, among which is effective training.

Training and options trading on Stockpair

Brokerage Company Stockpair

The organizers of this service have done a great job and now traders can start trading without any or difficulties.

There are no bonuses and promotions here, which on the one hand is a minus, on the other hand, the company owners do not try to lure people by inventing some incentives for registration and deposits.

The minimum deposit with a broker is 200 (dollars, euros or pounds), but it is better to pay a larger amount to participate in one of the programs:

Training and options trading on Stockpair

In addition to the presented programs in the table, there is another VIP, where the minimum deposit exceeds $ 50,000, but for beginners it is hardly useful.

Stockpair cannot open a ruble account, so use other currencies.

In the "Training" section, there are several subsections with various information. Even if you are a beginner, you will have the opportunity to engage in trade, after training:

Training and options trading on Stockpair

In addition to this training, we advise you to visit the Binary Options section, where you also have a lot of useful information. Until you get the necessary knowledge, you definitely will not be able to reach a profitable trade.

How to open options on Stockpair?

To start trading, you need to replenish the balance. As already mentioned, at least 200 units in the selected currency, and you can replenish your account in the following ways:

Training and options trading on Stockpair

When money appears on your balance, go to trading and choose an asset to put money on :

Training and options trading on Stockpair

Next, you need to set the transaction by selecting the amount of the bid. In this block, you will immediately see the amount you can count on in case of a win:

Training and options trading on Stockpair

After that, in the central area, select the option opening time and the direction of the chart:

Training and options trading on Stockpair

Note that under the graph there is a link to go to the technical analysis. This can be useful to you when making a forecast:

Training and options trading on Stockpair

To make a forecast and decide which currency is best to bet on. Therefore, be sure to find out how to earn $ 1000 on options. There are special services where you can get free practical tips on trading.

Withdrawals from Stockpair

To order a payment from this broker, you need to dial 20 units in the selected currency. First, you are given the opportunity to withdraw exactly as much as you have made to the service (check details).

Then you can withdraw profit, but it is better to do this after $ 500 has been accumulated on the balance sheet, otherwise you have to pay a commission of $ 25 .

Stockpair administration withdraws money as quickly as possible, the period is constantly decreasing.

In addition to dialing the minimum salary, in order to order a payment, you need to pass a verification. To do this, you need to download a copy of the passport and scan a bank card.

In addition, you will have to prove your place of residence, for example, by providing a receipt for payment of utility bills. You can do all this in your profile, in the "Verification" section:

Training and options trading on Stockpair

The copy check is performed quickly, you can first pass the verification, and only then replenish the balance.

Stockpair has many benefits , it’s worth mentioning separately about the affiliate program where money is paid for each attracted customer who made a deposit:

Training and options trading on Stockpair

The more users you attract, the higher the reward becomes. Given the popularity and quality of the broker, you can easily attract traders here. The site is translated into several languages, which means that you can attract foreign traffic.

Learn how to trade and make several trades on Stockpair. The broker is known in many countries, and the reviews about it are only good. There are no commissions and surcharges here, a simple but convenient interface for trading, which is useful to every trader.

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