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Traffic Converter News - Profit Hunter

Last hot days! Traffic Converter DECREASES Rates for Wizards who have registered after March 1st! For those who bounce before February 29, the rate remains $ 30! So, IMHO, is to hurry with the registration. 😉

Here is the official statement of the Administration of Traffic Converter:

"On March 1, 2008, due to the avalanche-like growth of traffic and sales, we are forced to switch to a new transaction processing scheme. The fact is that with ever-growing transaction volumes, the old processing scheme can no longer provide the level of efficiency and reliability that would be acceptable to us and our users.

In brief, what are the benefits from the new processing scheme:

  1. Significant increase in reliability.
  2. Improvement in the passability of credit cards.
  3. A clearer and loyal anti-fraud mechanism.
  4. Lack of limits in terms of volumes.

How this will affect affiliate users:

  1. Conversion will increase (according to the results of preliminary tests by 20-30%, in some cases by 50%).
  2. The number of returns (refandy and chargeback) will decrease.
  3. The cost of returns will decrease.

The only, albeit significant, minus - for all new users of the affiliate program (registered since March 1), the base rate for the sale will be $ 25.
For already existing (and those who register before February 29 inclusive) users, the rates will remain unchanged. ”

In general, hurry! Great exhaust guaranteed 😉

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