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Traffic Converter - for over a year the most stable affiliate in the software niche.

Currently, the antispiver software market is going through hard times. Problems pour like a cornucopia:

1. Domains There are practically no normal loyal registrars left. Conventional recorders ban domains with supersonic speeds. Of course, there are anti-abuse solutions, but they do not guarantee 100% stability.

2. Hosting. Again, the data centers schimyat and close the server. If a year ago it was possible to manage with a fleet of 10 servers, now 30 is not enough.

3. Billing Such a kidalov as with 30plusBill would not even wish the enemy!

4. Soft Anti-virus labs have created entire anti-spam anti-spam departments, so now the usual cryptography cannot solve problems - Traffic Converter has 8 programmers working exclusively on the front of the fight against AV companies.

Nevertheless, no matter what the external circumstances are, Traffic Converter has been and remains the market leader in the anti-spike affiliate program. Traffic Converter provides an excellent envelope, and, last but not least, an unprecedented level of stability.

Traffic Converter pays $ 30 per sale. A VIP account is given to permanent system adverts with a sales volume of more than 5 per day. In the presence of 100-150 sales per day, an increase in rate is discussed. From time to time affiliate programs appear with a higher envelope. But where are these "bombs" now? Traffic Converter is building a serious business and provides a stable working environment for webmasters. Traffic Converter has entered the market seriously and for a long time - you can always rely on them.

In addition, Traffic Converter constantly creates additional incentives for work. As a result of the last competition, a whole heap of prizes were won and presented - 7 Nokia Arte phones, 3 Apple Air laptops and the main prize - Lexus IS 250 car. 3> from Traffic Converter. The competition starts on February 1, 2009, and ends on December 1, 2009. The prizes will in fact be elite: gold bars, Vertu Constelation phones, and the main prize, again a car, but this time not just a car, but the Mercedes S-class. There will also be consoling commemorative prizes - Traffic Converter brand flash drives.

The details of the competition can be found in the Traffic Converter member zone.

In general, to summarize - if you have not yet registered with Traffic Converter, hurry to do it - they offer the greatest profit, the most stable work and, moreover, truly elite prizes for partners.

For all questions please contact the support: ICQ 409889383

Traffic Converter - work with the leader!

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