Trading strategies for Olymp Trade - Crossroads and Stairs

Every year more and more network users begin to bid with brokers. This business is very profitable, but on condition that the player plans in advance a successful strategy for a win-win result.

Today we will look at several effective strategies for participating at Olymp Trade. And in order to get a better understanding of this system, we suggest that you first read the informative article - "OlympTrade Broker - Binary Options 2017".

Trading strategies for Olymp Trade - Crossroads and Stairs

Crossroads Strategy

Fairly Practical Crossroads Strategy is often compared with a particular pattern. It can be used on all time frames by the classical or other method, as desired by the user.

Trading strategies for Olymp Trade - Crossroads and Stairs

Step by Step Instruction:

  1. Go to the Olymp Trade graph, select the desired asset, after , we insert the candlestick graphics.
  2. You can set the minimum timeframe (15 seconds), but we advise you to choose 1 minute, since with such parameters you can get more accurate signals.
  3. In order not to get confused in the process, change the color of the two SMA lines and put them on the chart, setting the optimal period to 4/60.
  4. Now we need to wait for a signal to enter. When the fast moving line crosses the slow one from top to bottom, open a short trade.
  5. If you find a second line piercing, with a line of the fourth period, make a purchase of a Call Option.
  6. Term expiration of options will be 4-5 candles. If 1 minute of the time frame is set, you can enter the auction for 5 minutes, no more.

Trading strategies for Olymp Trade - Crossroads and Stairs

SMA lines are a moving average line showing the value of price movements. To effectively assess the market situation, it is recommended to use two such lines.

After completing the listed rules, we proceed to the opening of the transaction. When the fast line hits the slow one from top to bottom, the call option is executed. Literally in one minute, you will see a pleasant result - your forecast will be justified!

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Strategy "Ladder"

Another win-win strategy for the OlympTrade - Ladder. This program will allow you to make up to seven successful transactions in a row! It is suitable even for novice players, based on the principles of binary trading. To get acquainted with the possibilities of this strategy, you can first use a demo account for testing.


  1. The program has candlesticks . On the broker platform, they are colored green and red. Candles show price changes, and with maximum efficiency. Red informs about the decline in value over a certain period of time, the green candlestick, on the contrary, indicates an increase in asset prices, capturing the same time interval.
  2. The body of the candle also has many secrets. If you study this strategy well, according to their external data, the trader will be able to notice a signal to sell or a profitable contract purchase.
  3. It is better to conclude deals according to the strategy with the established M5 time frame. The expiration time for such an installation will also be 5 minutes. If you need an increase in the time frame, do not forget to extend the expiration period!

Trading strategies for Olymp Trade - Crossroads and Stairs

To make a successful deal, you do not need any special knowledge, only increased concentration of attention! Properly follow the schedule, do not miss the sight of all the changes. Such an approach will ensure a successful result!

When the last candle closes as the price rises, show complete readiness, because in just a few seconds you will need to invest in an option. Now watch the movement of the next candle. When it starts moving up and reaches the maximum mark of the previous candle, we quickly open a deal to increase.

In case the candle takes the position down, and the second in a similar direction, we conclude a deal for a fall. Make it better at the moment of breaking through the minimum.

The Ladder strategy is used on any assets, proving its effectiveness and a win-win result. Experienced traders spend with this system up to 10 successful transactions in just 1 hour!

Experts advise to increase trading profits in the morning time (from 9 to 12 days), as well as from 15-21 h.

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