Trading binary options on news, strategy on news

Anyone can learn how to make correct predictions when trading binary options, but this will take time.

Experienced traders can make successful deals with different signals and sources. As tips, you can use economic news that indicate the movement of exchange rates.

Binary options trading on news is not a new way to make profitable deals.

Many already use it and increase their chances of winning at times. Do you want Forex and currency news to help you in options trading? Now we will explain where to look for them and what to choose from them.

Trading binary options on news, strategy on news

Binary options - news strategy

Not surprisingly, many are interested in how to trade binary options on news? The technique is popular, and even a beginner will be able to apply it, you just need to understand a few important points.

The essence of trading on news is to create your own forecasts, observing relevant information. Simply put, you see how the situation changes in a particular country and after that you realize that now its currency rate will increase. It remains only to have time to open a deal and get profit from it.

What should be highlighted from the news?

While studying economic news, you need to pay attention to several of the most important factors:

  1. GDP - an increase in this indicator indicates an improvement in the economic situation in the country. Accordingly, the rate of the national currency rises (the GDP level is most strongly affected by the rates of Japan, America, Great Britain and some European countries).
  2. Trade balance - when this indicator is positive, this indicates an increase in exports, as opposed to imports. As a result, the economy develops, the exchange rate rises, and national goods grow in value.
  3. Unemployment - the name should not raise questions, this figure represents the number of unemployed people in the country. The more of them, the worse the economic situation, and this affects the depreciation of the currency.
  4. Jobs in the non-agricultural sector - many do not even know about this indicator, but professionals often put emphasis on it. An improvement in this indicator indicates an improvement in the economic situation and a rise in the exchange rate.

Of course, these are not all important indicators affecting exchange rates, but even on the basis of this information, it is already possible to make some predictions.

According to the last indicator, there are even separate strategies, and you can find out the number of jobs in the non-agricultural sector, once a month from a special report (published by many sources).

Each indicator indicates the movement of the exchange rate in a positive or negative direction. Add the data and thereby determine which currency will definitely grow.

Options Trading on Investing News. com

This service represents the economic calendar, which often publishes current information over the past few hours. On the basis of the data obtained, it is also possible to draw conclusions about changes in currency rates:

Trading binary options on news, strategy on news

You can open transactions immediately after the news is released. If there is information in the column " Forecast ", use it when choosing suitable conditions.

Opposite each currency in the calendar there are bulls icons, the more of them, the higher the volatility, and this is useful for trading outside the border.

You can trade on news before they go out. In the same economic calendar, there is a news section for tomorrow:

Trading binary options on news, strategy on news

Forecasts are often close to actual data, but they need to be checked using the important factors from the news presented above.

To finally make sure that you have chosen the right currency pair and its schedule will change in the right direction, see the technical analysis on Investing:

Trading binary options on news, strategy on news

Forecasts here are based on several indicators. When the difference between the values ​​of "buy" and "sell" is high, you can make a correct prediction. For example, now you need to actively buy euros against the dollar, which means that for this currency pair the chart will go up.

What should I do if there is a “bad” news?

Every experienced trader encountered a situation where the transaction is already open and there are news about the impact on the market of various factors that change exchange rates. In this case, you need to either close the deal early, or create an overlapping deal, or not to react to the news.

We already told about all these actions in the article "3 ways of securing options". What action to apply, you need to decide individually, because some news about currencies can affect their course slightly, so the trader does not have to do anything.

On the news, trading options is not so easy, but if you learn to analyze current information, your forecasts will often be correct. Combine several strategies into one and do not forget to analyze the news, they allow you to predict changes in the Forex market.

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