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For those who have not even heard of Clickbank, I have prepared a brief excursion.

Clickbank fulfilled the dream of all affiliate programs. Previously, if you wanted to sell any product online, you had to first get your own trading account and the right to use a credit card. It was very hard for young companies to do this, because they did not have a credit history. Until you received a reputation as a reliable company and the amount of your sales did not exceed $ 1,000, it was almost impossible to get a loan. The fact is that credit companies were simply afraid to pay damages (return of goods), if the company’s business does not matter. It is clear that in this situation it was very difficult for young companies to break through the Internet. And Clickbank came to the rescue.

For the first time, their store was established in 1998. They provided new businessmen with a tool for selling their goods online. Today, with the help of Clickbank, more than one thousand of various goods are sold. They keep all the money from sales and pay them to the sellers 2 times a month.

Everything is fine, but at one point, ClickBank stopped working with Russian webmasters. ProductBaza returns everything to its place.

Commodity is an affiliate program for Russian-speaking webmasters, mostly SEO optimizers. At your disposal more than 7,500 products from the catalog of the world-famous ClickBank, which, unfortunately, does not work directly with webmasters from the former USSR. This affiliate program corrects this defect, is completely Russified and pays money in convenient ways for Russian-speaking masters in ways like WebMoney, PayPal and Epassporte.

The most pleasant thing about this affiliate program is the percentage of sales that reaches up to 75%. And of course, the referral system is also good.

An invite is required to register in the system. You can get it from me by sending an email to bogdan (@) profithunter. ru. And to verify that you understand why this is necessary, indicate how specifically you plan on making money on it 🙂

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