Total Commander is the best FTP manager.

After hosting payment, each user gets access to a certain amount of memory for hosting their sites.

Experienced webmasters are advised to come up with quite interesting content, and only then start the site. And to conveniently download all the necessary information, you need to use special managers.

Total Commander is ideal for working with FTP, and most importantly, it’s a free software.

You can install it on your computer and set up a connection to hosting, after which it is easy to transfer different files from your computer to hosting and in the opposite direction. Not sure how to use this program? Now we will explain.

In fact, this is a normal program, reminiscent of a conductor, in which you can open two directories at once and transfer files.

Total Commander can be downloaded at

, this is a popular software.

After installing it, you will observe the following interface:

Total Commander is the best FTP manager.

As you can see, these columns contain different directories of your computer. You can easily change them to conveniently transfer data. For an FTP connection, you must select an icon in the main menu with the appropriate name and then a window will open with a choice of action.

You need to click on adding a new connection:

Total Commander is the best FTP manager.

When you click on this button, an input form for the authorization data will appear:

Total Commander is the best FTP manager.

You need to come up with a password, specify the port, and also enter the login and password that you use to log on to the hosting. As a rule, inside the profile you will find all the necessary data, but if you do not find the port, contact technical support. Save the new connection and return to the list of all connections:

Total Commander is the best FTP manager.

Now you just have to select the created connection and click the connect button. After that, the directory of your computer will appear in one of the windows of the Total Commander program, and the directory of the hosting will appear in the second.

Total Commander for Windows is suitable , and it also has a Russian version. If you are planning to seriously do maintenance of sites, be sure to download and install this utility. In addition to the fact that it is convenient, the data transfer will be secure and if the connection is broken, you can restore everything.

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