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Cryptocurrencies gain the upper hand in the field of electronic money, nobody controls them, so when using them, complete anonymity is guaranteed.

This often comes in handy, for example, so that no one can track where the money came from on the phone. With any cryptocurrency, you can pay for mobile communications and other services.

How do I top up my phone with bitcoins? Our readers know about Bitcoin earnings, but the majority fail to collect a huge amount. Does it make sense to try to withdraw this money and give a commission when you can just throw it on the phone balance, pay for the Internet, and so on.

Top up your phone bitcoin | Workion. ru

Transfer of cryptocurrency to the phone

Now more and more services are being created to use money crypto. We talked about How to withdraw Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin cryptocurrency ?.

Exchangers have been created for this purpose, which can be used to transfer to popular electronic payment systems in order to easily transfer funds to the phone account.

This scheme is too confused, especially since there is a unique project that allows you to quickly and easily pay. With it, the Bitcoin phone will be able to pay everyone, just go to the "On Cell" section and enter your phone number there:

Top up your phone bitcoin | Workion. ru

For the first transfer via this system , 10,000 Satoshi will be credited to your payment. It is not necessary to use Bitcoins, you can choose another cryptocurrency. The calculation of rubles is carried out automatically, so you will immediately find out how much of a certain currency will be debited from the wallet:

Top up your phone bitcoin | Workion. ru

Use any crypto money to pay for mobile communication and not only. At the top of the site is a menu for switching to different types of services.

Bitcoins and not only can be used to pay fines, online games, buy programs, transfer to social networks and so on:

Top up your phone bitcoin | Workion. ru

The site is full of ads, but it does not interfere with the payment. By the way, the system is proven and has been working since 2013. Translations are done quickly, and if you have any Coin somewhere, skip them on the phone.

You can find many similar exchangers and various exchanges on the Internet. Although we do not recommend parting with bitcoins and other crypto money. When their course skyrocketed, many have increased their capital, all of a sudden it will happen again, and you will lower everything.

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