TOP Books with QIWI + sites for earnings Qiwi

Each payment system has fans and they are looking for suitable sites to earn the currency they need. The QIWI service at the peak of its popularity is a really convenient payment tool, with a high-quality mobile application.
To replenish your wallet, you do not have to be a professional, you can easily make money online.

We prepared monitoring of axle boxes with payment on QIWI for all users of this payment system. With the Books, the easiest way is to make a profit, do light tasks, browse sites and collect the necessary amounts.

Unfortunately, the most famous mailers Wmmail and Seosprint do not withdraw funds to this wallet.

TOP Books with QIWI + sites for earnings Qiwi

What are axle boxes and why exactly the output to QIWI?

The first click sponsors appeared in the early 2000s. These sites are used by all for cheating.

Real people create tasks such as register, write a comment or download a game, and performers work on orders. The scheme is simple and for more than 15 years it works, bringing honest money.

TOP Books with QIWI + sites for earnings Qiwi

This image shows examples of instructions from one of the axle boxes. It is easy to carry out such orders recamously, and besides these, paid browsing sites are always available on the axle boxes.

It does not bring much profit, so it is better to concentrate on fulfilling orders or attracting referrals. It is on attracting new members, through the mailers it is possible to earn substantial sums.

I’ll show what I personally managed to achieve with the help of only one such site:

TOP Books with QIWI + sites for earnings Qiwi

As for payments to Kiwi, they are not yet available on all axle boxes. This payment system is one of the most simple, convenient and multifunctional. The collected funds can be transferred to a bank card without problems or paid off on almost all sites.

Books with a Qiwi withdrawal

Whether you decide to take up tasks, just visit sites or attract referrals, it does not matter. All click sponsors are almost the same, except perhaps the average rewards and design. Although many of them have additional features. Consider only the best axle boxes with payments for QIWI:

  1. Socpublic - the screens presented above are made through this service. I have been making money on it for a long time, I have a lot of referrals, from which up to 60% of contributions come. Tasks about 5000, often available sites for paid viewing. The minimum amount to withdraw only 1 penny.
  2. is one of the few mailers who pays not only to payment systems, but also to telephone numbers. For all the time of its existence, users have withdrawn from the system over 44 million rubles. Recently, separate sections have been added with tasks on social networks and YouTube.
  3. - for 3 years of existence, the mailer attracted more than 120,000 users and paid them more than 2 million rubles. Ways of earning standard, often held contests, ref. 3-level system, automatic payments and the ability to sell referrals on a special exchange.
  4. - a little more than 1000 tasks and 100 sites for viewing are waiting for you on this site right now. Judging by the statistics, some users of the resource have a profit of more than 1,500 rubles per day. Payments are carried out every day, 10% are charged from the income of referrals, the minimum wage for withdrawal is 1 ruble.
  5. - ways of earning classic, surfing, tasks, letters. For registration bonus is charged 10 kopecks. Affiliate program 3-level and for each invited participant give 15 kopecks. Payments are carried out instantly, the minimum salary is 1 ruble.
  6. is a distinctive feature of this book, it is an opportunity to monetize your site. The administration offers to install an ad unit on its site and receive income from it. Affiliate 3-level, with the first level credited 10% -20%, 10% from the second line and 8% from the third.
  7. - payments exceeded 2. 5 million rubles. Here they pay for viewing websites, banners, letters and passing texts. Naturally, there are tasks and affiliate program. The percentage of deductions from referrals depends on the status. Minimum for withdrawal is only 2 rubles.
  8. - in addition to the usual ways of earning, VIP surfing is offered here. It is available only to users who ordered attendance cheat. The administration constantly launches promotions and holds contests. At least to the conclusion - 1 ruble.
  9. - outwardly, a complete copy of the famous Seosprint. Total payments of a little more than 300,000 rubles, a little more than 70,000 users. In general, the usual books with standard methods of earnings. There are often contests with cash prizes for different activities.
  10. - for 4 years of existence, the books have paid a little over 200,000 rubles. Not the most popular project, but payments from it come stably. In terms of ways of earning everything is standard. There is a status system, you need a rating to access all functions.Payments instant from 1 ruble.
  11. - almost 700,000 rubles were paid, and about 90,000 users. Payments are made automatically, a 4-level referral system is available, a progressive refback (from the system). Often held contests. New advertisers are given 500 views.
  12. - about half a million rubles was paid from the site, on which 115,000 participants are registered. They pay for reading letters, visiting websites and completing assignments. Deductions from referrals of advertisers are 10%, from performers comes 10% -5% -2% (level 3). The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 rubles.
  13. - several formats for working with site visits, contests with generous prizes and many tasks. The site has a content store, you can buy articles. For autosurfing here is a special program. Pay in dollars, so the minimum salary is 0. 1 $.
  14. - the mailer paid over 50 million rubles to its users. This is one of the most famous axles, where thousands of tasks are available. Not so long ago, developers have added an extension for browsers and now you can automatically earn money from viewing ads.
  15. - the resource is available in English and Russian, so you can attract both your compatriots and foreigners here. Almost 20 million rubles earned by performers of simple tasks. Available 3-level affiliate program, deductions depend on the rating of the user.
  16. - there are not so many tasks on this site, but it is quite popular. This is due to the browser extension. It is downloaded by users and then when visiting different sites, paid ads are shown to them. Additional bonuses are awarded when you go to the sites of advertisers.

Use at least all these boxes at the same time. First, it will help you find the most profitable tasks. Secondly, it will be possible to build referral networks in parallel, in several systems at once. At Qiwi, payments are accurately made from all these sites.

TOP Books with QIWI + sites for earnings Qiwi

Other sites for making money on a QIWI wallet

You can’t be limited to nothing but when you are looking for affordable money online. There are many other interesting projects, where the output on Kiwi is available.

Moreover, on some resources methods are suggested that are no more difficult than on clique sponsors.

Earn QIWI money with proven services:

  1. - earnings on entering a captcha, the average payment is 40 rubles per 1000 guesses.
  2. - paid installation of mobile applications.
  3. - binary options trading and earnings on referrals.
  4. - an economic game with the withdrawal of real money (earnings by taxi).
  5. is another investment game where players make money on tea.
  6. - an online farm with a withdrawal of money (there are bonuses for registration).
  7. - a game about shops with real money withdrawal at Qiwi.
  8. - buy birds, collect and sell eggs, get payments on QIWI.
  9. is an investment site with different rates for customers.
  10. - fulfillment of small orders and sale of articles.
  11. - earnings on the implementation of simple orders in social networks.
  12. - QIWI automatic earnings on viewing ads in the browser.
  13. - affiliate program with pay for transitions.

Of course, the easiest way to earn any electronic money in the Bucs is, but you need to understand that on more serious projects the profit is many times greater.

Think about what options you can do, but rather learn to earn big money, because you will not go far in the postal service.

Bucks and other sites for earnings with withdrawal to kiwi appear constantly, and some old resources add this payment system. With a great desire, everyone will be able to get money into their wallet, without much effort.

Start with the axle boxes, then gradually learn other methods, do not forget about perspectives.

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