TOP best sports betting strategies tested by BC

There are many different directions on the Internet, where really big money is spinning. One of them is bookmakers. It is unlikely that you can imagine how much money is used for sports betting. These are billions of dollars, and in fact you can get a part of them if you learn to make correct forecasts.

Sports betting strategies for beginners + 5 tips on making money on betting we will present on this page. Professional betters constantly share their successes, show screenshots of payments of huge amounts.

How are you worse? Maybe it's time to learn how to use clever tactics and also win solid money.

TOP best sports betting strategies tested by BC

Do sports betting strategies really help?

Of course, there are no methods that would provide 100% winnings. There are always risks. Each guru has his own strategy, which is created on the basis of existing tactics and personal experience.

The same is to be done for you in the future, but for a start it makes sense to study popular strategies.

It is most difficult for beginners to open bets, because you do not know what to take into account in your forecasts. Therefore, it is better to start with small deposits in order to gain experience.

It makes no sense to spend money thoughtlessly and rely only on luck, it is better to spend time analyzing or repelling some data.

In the field of bookmakers, there are often people who are too lazy to be engaged in forecasting. As a rule, they only replenish their balance sheets, because they rarely win.

Let the strategy not guarantee a win, but it reduces the risk of loss. This is the main reason to learn the methods of sports betting.

It is important to understand that not all strategies are equally useful. Some of them are created by the bookmakers themselves, who want to create the illusion of thoughtful action for their clients. In fact, the betters do not receive any advantage.

Therefore, first of all, discard the strategies that are presented on the sites of the bookmakers. The most dangerous techniques that are known all around. It is better to choose not the most well-known techniques, compiled by real betters on their own samples and errors.

Types of strategies for sports betting

You should not refuse to study popular methods in betting. They, too, should be studied, because the basis of some of them laid mathematical calculations and other tricks, useful for the development of their technology.

Conventionally, you can divide types of strategies into 3 categories:

  • financial;
  • gaming;
  • combined.

Many of the well-known techniques came to betting from the gambling industry. Some players are limited, taking into account only the expectation, or vice versa, analyzing only the statistics, the composition of the team, the physical form of the players and other factors.

It is necessary to take into account every little thing to make a correct forecast. To succeed, you need to abandon the usual beliefs and common strategies, choosing your own path.

As practice shows, 95% of bookmaker clients lose money, and all because they make the same mistakes.

TOP best sports betting strategies tested by BC

Where to apply win-win betting strategies?

It makes no sense to try to build a forecast and engage in analytics when using the services of a non-quality bookmaker. Somewhere, the odds are low, somewhere they are changed after accepting bets, and sometimes they are completely denied payment.

In order not to face such problems, you need to choose the best BCs:

  1. - register and get a free rate of 500 rubles. Profit from it is transferred to the main balance. For convenience, created mobile applications. Bets are accepted not only on sports, but also, for example, on politics or show business.
  2. - on this site you will also receive a welcome bonus of 1000 rubles. Start betting without your investment. Here you can apply betting strategies in live and participate in interesting bets.
  3. - bets on all sports are accepted. For active betters developed bonus system. Balls are charged for the rates at which the bonus amount is determined (up to 45,000 rubles per month).
  4. - another office with a bunch of betting points scattered throughout Russia. The site has a mobile version, round-the-clock support, there are always high odds and a 2000 rubles registration bonus.

Now many bookmaker sites have been banned in the territory of the Russian Federation, but these continue to work. Why? Because they received the necessary license and keep the fund from which payments will be made to customers in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Therefore, when registering with any of these BCs, you will need an account in TSUPIS. Do not be lazy to go through a somewhat complicated registration, this is done for your own safety.

TOP best sports betting strategies tested by BC

TOP 5 best betting strategies

By betting on well-thought-out tactics, the probability of winning significantly increases. Now we will consider the best financial and gaming techniques, and we recommend that you try each of the options.

When you are well versed in strategies, it is easier to combine them and develop your own methodology:

1. Betting strategy - Betting forks

Before opening a bet, you need to check the odds in several offices at once.

If you're lucky, and you manage to catch a situation where odds over 2 are set to win both teams in different BCs, you can open a win-win bet.

For example, a football match is held between Germany and Portugal. In the bookmaker A for the German victory, a factor of 2. 1 is set, and in the bookmaker B for the Portuguese victory the factor is 2. 2. You need to make two bets on both outcomes, then in any case you remain in the black.

It is worth noting that the organizers of the betting shops prohibit the use of forks, but if you do not make suspicious bets, no one will accuse you of using unfair methods.

The most difficult thing is to catch the moment, because most often the coefficients for matches are almost the same. In addition, due to the entry of many BC into the registry of banned sites, the choice is not so big.

Special services and calculators have been developed to apply this win-win betting strategy. They compare odds for different bookmakers in real time. The main disadvantage of tactics is a large start-up capital.

In practice, I have repeatedly encountered a problem when you manage to make a bet in one BC, but you do not have time to bet on an opponent in another office. Odds change too fast, so you need to act immediately.

2. Profitable strategy of bets - Dogon

Dangerous tactics for betters, but almost win-win. It works like a martingale, with losses you need to raise the stakes and continue to open them.

In order for the technique to work, it is necessary to select events with a factor higher than 2, otherwise the money will not pay off in case of a win. There are plenty of such offers on BC.
It is important not to choose too high odds, because you are unlikely to win.

Try to stick to 2-2. 4. For example, you can start with $ 1. If you win, you get $ 2, and if you lose, you open another bet, but by $ 2. Then on $ 4, on $ 8, on $ 16 and so on. The bottom line is that you still get the win and in this case, income will override all expenses.

With frequent losses, the bet amount grows quickly, so you need to calculate your capital in advance so that you have enough time to get to x16 or x32. For example, if you have $ 100, open the first bet on $ 1.

Just don’t place your bets erratically after seeing the appropriate odds. Also analyze, search for useful information, make the right decision. Every action should be deliberate.

3. Winning betting strategy - D'Alembert

This tactic came to the betting industry from the casino (roulette). Its essence lies in the fact that you need to bet almost the same, changing them only by 1 unit in case of loss or gain.

For example, you bet $ 10 and lose. Then you need to put $ 11 on the next event. If you win, then bet $ 9. So each time we change the amount, depending on the last outcome.

Tactics are designed for systematization, it does not cover costs, it is necessary for a clear betting system. Its disadvantage is that a large amount is required at the start. You may have to lower the amount by 1 unit 10 times in a row.

As in the previous methodology, it is important to engage in forecasting. We can say that D'Alembert is only an addition to the better's experimental work.

4. Win-win betting strategy - Oscar Grind

Another casino technique that is suitable in the bookmaker business. Its essence lies in raising the stakes when winning and returning to the original amount when losing. Thus, the betters catch "successful sessions."

It is important to open bids when applying this strategy with a minimum of 2.
For example, you start to make bets from $ 10. If you lose, bet the same amount, and if you win, increase the amount by one, i.e., to $ 11.

With the next winnings, you also need to increase the amount by 1 unit, and when the white line ends (lose), start all over again ($ 10).

5. Tactics for sports betting - Criterion Kelly

The last technique is actively used by real professionals. It is used not only on the sweepstakes, it is suitable for different exchanges. When applied, the amount of the next bet is calculated using a special formula.

The coefficient of the bookmaker is taken into account and the own assessment of the outcome is established (probability in one's own opinion):

TOP best sports betting strategies tested by BC

Often, using this approach, the amount of the bet decreases rapidly. Problems may arise if the first bid was small.

Many bookmakers have minimum betting thresholds. In addition, beginners simply can not give a correct assessment of the event, it leads to losses.

Every sports betting strategy has flaws. Somewhere the risks are high, somewhere it takes a huge amount to start, and sometimes it is too hard to make the right calculations. On the other hand, it is better than to act randomly.

Proper use of profitable betting strategies?

You can't just take and start using some kind of tactic, like a robot. The human factor plays an important role, and the pros strongly recommend to improvise and proceed from the situation.

Even if you follow a clear plan, you need to take into account several important rules for applying the strategy:

  1. We decide on a bank.
    Depending on what method is used, a certain amount is allocated for it. As a rule, all tactics are designed for a large bank, but you can also start with a small deposit. Count on small but frequent wins, this is the right approach. And in order to make sense of this, an impressive deposit is required.
  2. We make a forecast.
    Where without a forecast, no matter what tactics you use, you need to open a bet on the outcome, of which you are sure. Can't do analytics yourself? Then look for a community of professionals and use the opinions of experts. Remember that they too can be mistaken, their opinion is the best.
  3. Choose a bookmaker.
    Under certain strategies, you need to choose the suitable BC. For example, if you use the "Kelly Criterion" tactic, you need to choose a company that has the lowest threshold for minimum bids. Professionals usually have accounts on dozens of sites, both domestic and foreign.
  4. Compare the coefficients.
    Do not rush to put money until you have looked at the odds on the selected game in other bookmakers. It is possible that the other site pays much more for the same outcome. Let the difference in hundredths, why should you give a part of your money to the bookmaker when this can be avoided.
  5. We apply the strategy.
    At first, by tactics, it is better to trade for minimum amounts. You need to gain experience, practice, discover different subtleties and figure out how everything works.

Professionals recommend not being attached to the same strategy, trying different approaches and treating loses loyally, they will still be.

Even when you act according to the plan, you need to turn your head on. Strategies help to work with exact figures and less time to lose time thinking about what amount to choose for the bet. They do not provide permanent winnings.

TOP best sports betting strategies tested by BC

Tips on sports betting

As promised in the title of this article, I add a list of useful recommendations for novice clients of bookmakers. I learned something from personal experience, I learned about something from the reviews of professionals.

In any case, the theory of rates has to be studied a lot, to reach a significant plus:

  1. Find a decent start-up capital.
    With a small amount, getting a decent income is almost impossible. Surely you often make bets with a factor of 1. 1-1. 3, in this case the amount is increased by 10% -30%. A modest reward, if the rate is 100 rubles, you get only 10-30 rubles of profit, is it worth your worries and risks.
  2. Familiar sports.
    When you bet on an unfamiliar sport, it turns into a lottery. If you don’t understand the subtleties, you don’t know anything about the teams, you don’t have any idea how the standings will line up, you just won’t be able to make a correct prediction. Personally, my favorite sport is football, so I open bets on it only.
  3. Don't give up on strategies.
    After several losses with the use of some tactic, hands are lowered, and no longer want to do anything. You need to cope with yourself and understand that in the future it is still profitable and convenient. Perhaps, just a black bar fell out, because the losses will be, anyway.
  4. Verified bookmakers.
    Once I tried to make money on forks, for this I had to register on different sites. You have no idea what ridiculous excuses you had to face when ordering payments. They either accused me of multi-accounts, they demanded some kind of evidence, it was delayed for several months, and some BCs were often inaccessible.
  5. Control emotions.
    How do I remember my happiness today after winning 17,000 rubles from one bet.It was my first big win, from the moment I began to bet more actively. A solid amount clouded my mind, I wanted to multiply it several times. As a result, due to incorrect actions, he only contributed another 6000 and lost everything.

All the betters started with something, someone managed to figure out the subtleties and they continue to make big money. Some have abandoned this case forever. You also need to draw conclusions for yourself whether this activity is suitable for you.

All betting strategies help the betters to act consistently. The head must be included in any case, there is no such technique, following which, you will always win.

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