TOP 8 best money withdrawal farms

In online games, they spend their free time, almost every fifth Internet user and this trend is developing.

It is difficult to even imagine how much time is wasted, but it could have been spent with benefit if used the game with the withdrawal of money. Now there are a lot of them, you can choose something for every taste.

We have made our own TOP 10 farm with a withdrawal of money. According to statistics, games where you need to develop your own farm, attract much more attention.

Who exactly you will grow, how much to invest and what to do, decide for yourself. I personally checked each project, received money from it, therefore payments are one hundred percent.

TOP 8 best money withdrawal farms

The best farms with real money withdrawal

According to the plot, all projects are different, although in some even the design is the same. The bottom line is buying cows, birds, chickens, land, and developing agricultural business. All the profits that you collect, can be transferred to real money .

Enjoy the game and make money with these sites:

  1. is the most famous money-making farm where people buy birds. They are needed to collect eggs that are redeemed by the system. Soon the site will be 1000 days, bonuses are distributed on deposits up to 200%. Over a million players withdrew over 180 million rubles from the project.
  2. TOP 8 best money withdrawal farms
  3. - a similar plot is used on this online farm with the conclusion that only chickens are sold here. Demolished eggs are collected and sold, and if you deposit more than 100 rubles, you get the same amount as a gift. The administration paid over 5 million rubles.
  4. TOP 8 best money withdrawal farms
  5. - a farm with real money withdrawal, distributing silver to start up without deposits. You also need to buy birds to sell eggs. In addition to the welcome bonus, count on deposit bonuses of up to 200%. Unlike analogs, payments are ordered without referrals (there is a special exchange).
  6. TOP 8 best money withdrawal farms

  7. - this game is no different from the previous project. All the same colored birds carrying eggs and the exchange to receive payment points without inviting new players. More than 7 million rubles have already been paid, and in the wallpaper of the game we recommend attracting referrals in order to receive percentages of their replenishment amounts.
  8. TOP 8 best money withdrawal farms
  9. is a fruit farm with a conclusion in which novices are actively registered despite the outdated design. I went 830 work day, total payments exceed 3 million rubles. In order not to invest anything, you can buy seedlings for money earned in surfing (viewing sites).
  10. TOP 8 best money withdrawal farms
  11. - the neighbors' farm with output deserves special attention, since it has been working for 5 years. Bonuses are not distributed to players, but they offer the widest functionality. You can buy different animals, plant beds, build factories and much more.
  12. TOP 8 best money withdrawal farms

Fun farm with a withdrawal of money can be for you not only an interesting hobby, but also a real opportunity for easy earnings.

Believe me, it is better to spend time with benefits, because you cannot return it back, and every entertainment can become a profitable business, with a competent approach. Play with pleasure and earn income, it is even more interesting.

Another 6 new games with the withdrawal of money

- the farm does not require investments, as a welcome bonus is given. It is not necessary to invest further either, since there is a 5-level affiliate program and for withdrawal you need to collect funds in a special account (points). The design is unusual, it is clear that the developers have tried well.

- buy yourself monsters so that they automatically collect fears. They are needed to get gaming silver, which is displayed via Payeer. To start without an investment, they offer a free monster, quests, a roulette ticket and a daily bonus. You can also collect currency by attracting new members (3 lines of referrals).

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