Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Newbies are hesitantly starting to make money on the Internet because they don’t know for sure who to trust. Many different websites have been created, and advertising seems so attractive. They promise a lot of money for simple work, but too often it turns out to be a scam.

TOP 5 checked sites for making money without investing - this is building quality projects from which you are guaranteed to receive payments.

It’s not difficult to work with them, so don’t think about huge money, all platforms are made for beginners. And the most interesting thing is that you can work in parallel on each of them.

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Real earnings on the Internet without investments

All conditions are now created for newcomers to the network. Simple ways to make money without investments were invented, many different sites were launched, and the registration of electronic wallets takes a minimum of time and does not require serious knowledge.

To start networking, you need virtual mail and one of the wallets:

  • Payeer;
  • Webmoney;
  • Yandex. Money;
  • QIWI.

If you create wallets in all payment systems, you can withdraw money from any sites. Transfers to the card are extremely rarely available, but in this article such projects will be presented.

We have detailed instructions for registering WebMoney, open the wallet in the most popular payment system of Runet.

Do not believe, if you are told that it is not realistic to start earning money without investments. There are lots of projects where a penny is not required at the start.

Moreover, the first money can be withdrawn within a couple of hours after registration. Yes, it will not be such a large amount, but the work is suitable for a beginner.

Checked sites for making money

Over the years of work on the Internet, we happened to try out a huge number of projects. There are a lot of honest and stable ones, some have been working for more than 10 years. Ways are different everywhere, but the most important thing is that you can earn money without investments. To get started today, choose these trusted sites:

  1. Copywriting and Small Tasks Exchange.

This is the only project from this collection, with which it is quite possible to receive an average salary without leaving home.

First of all, Advego is an exchange of articles, here the authors put up texts for sale, and the site owners buy them to fill their resources. Themes can be anything, flowers, cars, movies, computer games, fashion, children:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Only unique articles are accepted for sale (checked through the program). Also, they should not be any mistakes, even punctuation. Otherwise, the moderators will reject the texts and send them for revision.

The price is set by the author when adding a "product" to the stock exchange, for beginners it is better not to ask for more than 0. 4-0. $ 6 for 1000 characters.

In the field of copywriting, you can work on orders, then you don’t have to wait for your article to be noticed. On Advego, in order to access the article store, you first need to complete 10 orders.

It is not necessary to write texts, you can take up simple instructions such as registrations and downloading mobile applications:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

You may have heard of such light work, it is available on many other sites. But only here they pay well for it.

Just for 1 like you can get 5 cents, and at the current rate it is 3. 5 rubles, put 10 likes - got 35 rubles, quite good. Only such orders do not appear often and the performers are carefully chosen for them.

Now the most interesting thing is the withdrawal of funds. Only on this site you can transfer money to bank cards (in addition to QIWI and Webmoney). How much you will receive depends on the work being done.

Selling articles may bring in more than 30,000 rubles a month, but on assignments it will be less, about half, because there are not so many of them here.

  1. Cheating in social networks with.

This proven site for earnings is much simpler, so it is inferior in terms of profitability to the first project. Through him order cheat on social networks.

Users spend real money on them, and you can get it for completing their instructions. Complete the usual registration and in the "Earn" section you will see blocks with tasks:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Now it is proposed to work through Vkontakte, YouTube and Telegram. There are a lot of tasks, paying with coins is the internal currency of the site (1 coin = 1 kopeck).

Perform as many orders as you wish, participate in the lottery, get bonuses. When you dial 10 rubles, you will be able to withdraw funds to your phone, card or e-wallet:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

It is easier to work with Bestlaker, but payment is much lower here. For the same likes they pay only 1 kopeck, but there are no account requirements, and reports are not required.He pressed a couple of buttons, received a reward.

It may be that the service is useful for you to promote your communities; you can get 1000 subscribers for only 80 rubles.

  1. Earnings on social networks with.

The following project was also created for easy earnings through social networks. You can use more accounts from different sites.

After normal registration, you will see buttons for connecting your profiles. Just click on them and log in, after which the tasks become available:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Here they are not divided by type, do everything one by one, pay the most for subscriptions and joining groups. Rewards a little more, you can get 25 kopecks for each action. There are not so many tasks, new ones are not often appearing yet, but the service is developing:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

In order to have a lot of orders, you need to use similar sites. We told about them in the article about earnings in social networks. The essence is the same everywhere, people order cheat, you participate in them. Regarding withdrawal to VkBog - bank cards, phone numbers and e-wallets are available:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

It makes sense to use several accounts at once through different sites with cheat on social networks. This is a proven way to make money on the Internet, which is ideal for beginners.

  1. Automatic Earnings p.

While you are completing tasks or writing articles using previous projects, the software from GlobusInter will provide additional income.

This is a popular service that offers a PC program and an application for mobile devices. Through them, ads are shown to users (in the form of alerts or immediately on the full screen):

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

It may appear at any time, for viewing in a few seconds, small rewards are charged. If you install a mobile application, the ads will appear when you hang up or unlock the screen. Something like making money on watching short videos, only here banners are more often shown.

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Payment is small, but salary is passive and without investment. Above are the TOP users and their total revenue. As you can see, some of them managed to collect more than $ 1000. Of course, it took a lot of time and it didn’t do without attracting referrals, but let's talk about it separately.

  1. Browser extension for earnings.

The last proven site for earnings without investments also offers software that allows you to get passive income. It is necessary to download an extension from it into the browser, which shows advertising in a similar pattern. Only in this case, it opens in a separate browser window (it is not necessary to watch):

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Complete the usual registration and download the extension. The plug-in icon will appear in the corner of the browser. By clicking on it you will see your balance (in points) and affiliate link. It is important that the icon status is ON. Continue to do your own business, at this time the advertiser’s websites will open through an additional browser window:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Note, the balance is kept in the RIW currency, every 100 points can be exchanged for 1 ruble. Payments are made via QIWI or Payeer.

As long as there are few advertisers here, the money drops are quite small, but on the other hand, you don’t need to do anything yourself, a fully automatic, proven way of earning.

All these services have been working for a long time and there were no problems with the output. For beginners, we recommend that you first go to the sites with cheating on social networks, perform all the available tasks, and then go to Advego and perform more complex tasks.

At this time, the expansion and the program will provide additional income. Thus, you combine the work on 5 trusted sites and can earn more.

How to earn big money on all checked sites?

There is an affiliate program on all presented and other sites for making money on the Internet. In your account you get a unique link to attract new users.

Distribute it anywhere — social networks, forums, video hosting, e-mail, and receive interest on their income or expenses (the conditions are different everywhere).

Even if the site is simple and made for beginners, it is realistic to get substantial sums from it by attracting referrals. For example, the project Globus Inter offers a 7-level affiliate program.

Imagine that in your network each user will have up to 7 referrals who will be guaranteed to watch 10 ads per day:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

Total revenue $ 336 and All this is due to people who are in the referral network. You don’t even need to install the program and watch ads. Very favorable conditions, but do not think that it will be easy to recruit a large team.

It takes a lot of time and effort, but it's worth it, in the long run the income is really high.

Additional earnings on surveys - verified sites

Instead of a conclusion, we would like to recommend one more way to beginners. From 1000 rubles a month you can receive, participating in polls. They are conducted by such companies as CocaCola, Dirol, Yandex, Microsoft. The opinion of potential customers is important for them, and for respondents to be interested, money is paid to them.

Questionnaires were created specifically for this. Sites where you need to register to receive invitations:

Top 5 trusted sites for earnings on the Internet

This is one of the questions from the questionnaire, there can be no right answer, you will share your opinion. By the time polls take no more than 5 minutes, and pay for them at 30-50 rubles.

Yes, sociological research is conducted not often, so you need to register on all sites from which invitations can come:

  • - promise to pay up to 1000 rubles for one survey, but in fact the average payment of 30 rubles. Fill out forms, get money on Webmoney.
  • - the service is overseas, but you can register on it from anywhere in the world. Payments in euros, for one survey really get 1 euro (minimum salary of 20 euros).
  • - international service with support for the Russian language. There is a mobile application. Paypal Payments Only.
  • - in RuNet it is the largest project, earn on the questionnaires, get payments to the phone, Webmoney or exchange for points to order real goods.
  • - an old and proven site questionnaire, where on average they pay 30 rubles for a questionnaire. The minimum amount to withdraw 300 rubles, payments to PayPal.
  • - the average payment for the questionnaire varies from 20 to 120 rubles. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 5 (300 rubles) on Webmoney or PayPal.
  • - payment is charged in bonuses; they can be spent on ordering real goods (toys, fashion accessories, various gadgets).
  • - the service is available to residents of Russia and Ukraine over 14 years old. Payments spend from 300 rubles through PayPal or Webmoney. There is a mobile application.
  • - service for residents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Payments of 300 rubles, are carried out through PayPal or Webmoney.

A long time profile will not take you, about an hour per month. Register on all of these sites and wait for emails.

Respond quickly to invitations so that you do not have time to recruit the required number of respondents. A couple of thousand a month is not superfluous, besides, there are also partner programs on these projects.

The best proven site for earning a newbie on the Internet is Wmmail. There are easy tasks, you can sell articles and a 5-level affiliate program is available. He has been working since 2004.

Read online reviews about the websites of the most proven earnings, before using this or that project, it is better to get to know the opinions of other people.

About the sites presented on this page are only positive reviews, they have been paying for many years, so you can safely register and start making money on the Internet.

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