TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Want to make money, but you can not find a suitable site or method? We will definitely help you to do this. Many interesting projects have been opened, they are offered a variety of work that can be started without investments. Beginner, or have you already learned something, in any case you will be able to choose an option.

This video shows the TOP 5 paying sites for earnings on the Internet without investments. Each of them we will look at on this page. The video shows the payments, all resources are checked, pay consistently.

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Who is suitable for sites where money is paid?

Services that are suitable for beginners fell into our selection . They are easy to register and you can immediately get to work. The ways are different, somewhere you will post links, somewhere attract customers, post reviews, offer your services or just browse the sites.

All that is required at the start is to create an electronic wallet in order to receive transfers from sites, and then withdraw money to your card or just spend it on the Internet.

Do not trust those who say that without investments and knowledge in the net you will be able to earn. Now we will tell what sites pay money, and each of them was checked, only after receiving the payment, we included services in the selection. Already today they will manage to withdraw the first money.

Verified sites that pay

Now services for earning without investments appear like mushrooms after rain. Usually they copy existing systems, do not offer anything new. Beginners are already tired of looking at the same axle boxes, copywriting exchanges and reading about working with cryptocurrency. We offer you a selection of paying sites, about which you might not have heard :

Linkum - the site pays for performing light tasks

First in our The list will be a project that was previously used only for renting links in forum signatures. Now this functionality is also available. You can add in your personal account links to your accounts from any forums and receive offers from advertisers. What are signatures? Some forums have a function to add links for each message:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

You receive an offer from the customer, add a link and receive payment every day. The cost depends on how popular the forum is and how many messages you have left on it. In addition, now in the system added new features. In particular - earnings for crowd marketing.

For example, you take an order from a customer who is promoting an online watch store. On the forums, find a topic where someone is interested in - where to buy a certain model of watches and recommend him to go to the store of your customer. You can also post links in forum topics, blog comments, in social networks, question and answer services:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

This is a list of tasks, average payment 5-12 rubles for the task . On the page with the tasks you will see all the conditions and requirements for accounts, you need to carefully read them. For example, posting Vkontakte links is possible only from accounts with more than 100 friends. Links must be placed exactly with the text that is presented in the task:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

As you can see, 3 days are allocated for placement. After pressing the button "Take to work", there is a field for entering a link to check. Now you can post with a link and send the report. We performed one task for example:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 100 rubles , it is typed quickly. Payments are made on QIWI and Webmoney wallets. The most profitable tasks are offered for those who will place links in question and answer services (12 rubles) and forums or blogs (20 rubles).

Profitable EPN bz affiliate program for earnings

Project. First, it is one of the best cashback services, with which you can save money from shopping at the most popular online stores. Secondly, it is the largest affiliate program. Through it, you can earn money by attracting customers to such famous sites as:

  • Aliexpress;
  • Aviasales;
  • MyToys;
  • Delivery Club;
  • Yula;
  • Lukoil;
  • Alfa Bank.

This is not a complete list. Register as a webmaster and log in to your account. On the tab with offers you can consider the conditions of cooperation. For example, for the sale of goods with Aliexpress, you can receive a reward up to 70%:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

To get started, you need to get what Some promotional materials. There is a huge selection, and the most common type is the usual link. Select Deeplink in your account, the form opens.Enter any name, select an online store, insert a link to one of its pages (where buyers will go from you):

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Here the links are called creatives . After adding a new Deeplink, you will see a special block. It will be presented with a button to go to getting affiliate links:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Now you can distribute it anywhere and receive partnership rewards. Choose different stores, post links on social networks, on forums, record videos on YouTube. The more customers you attract, the more you earn, and payments can be ordered on QIWI, Yandex, Webmoney or bank cards.

Offer your freelancing services on Kwork

Project. Users who have already learned something should definitely register on this site. Quark is a freelance exchange where all services cost 500 rubles . After registration, performers can post their suggestions. What orders are being fulfilled?

  • logo design, business cards, banners;
  • group design in social networks;
  • photo processing;
  • translation, writing and rewriting of articles;
  • writing poetry, scripts, stories;
  • conducting advertising campaigns;
  • developing websites, bots, programs;
  • creating a semantic kernel;
  • distributing links;
  • editing audio and video.

Offer any services, a huge number of potential clients come here. And if you earn a good reputation, your quark will be shown first and they will be labeled "Top Rating":

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Registration is standard, after confirming the mail, you can add a quark . Press the button in your account, specify the type of service, add a picture, description and amount of work for a fixed price:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Now it remains to wait for the offers, applications will be received customers, and the mail will receive a notification. Inside the system, calculations are carried out in Verbilla, the withdrawal is available on Webmoney or QIWI wallets, transfer to a bank card is also possible:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

There are not many orders from this project therefore, it is worthwhile to use other freelance exchanges in parallel. As on any website, you need to unwind and earn yourself a good reputation.

Write reviews and earn money on Otzovik

Project. Movies, cars, resorts, museums, home appliances, mobile devices, food products - all of us have our own opinion about all this. If you translate it into a printed form and place it on a special site, money will come for it. The Ozovik service is one of the most popular projects with the opinion of ordinary people:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Authors tell about everything, and the more views their records gain, the more they come of money. The rate varies from 50 to 500 rubles for 1000 views , so it is important to make the reviews detailed and choose something popular. After registration, you can immediately start posting reviews:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Payment is charged only if the review is more than 500 characters, the text is unique, the visitor views its minimum 15 seconds. The subject of the revocation may be a product or service, something popular (at the discretion of the administration). At least once a month you need to add 1 review each, so that payments continue. It is easy to add entries:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

They are placed through a special form, but the main part of the review is the author's text and photos. You can add as many posts as you like, each viewing will bring a small amount (at least 5 kopecks). Accruals are displayed in your account:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

This is a real chance to create a passive source of income. Imagine that each review brings 1 ruble per day. Having written 100 articles, you will receive 3000 rubles each month. Not bad, the main thing is not to forget to add new posts once a month. Payments are made to WMR wallets.

AdBTC - a website paying for views in Bitcoins

The simplest service from our collection, here they pay money for viewing websites. Advertisers wind attendance and attract referrals. When registering you will need to specify a Bitcoin wallet, you can create it in a couple of clicks through. After logging in to your personal account, select the type of site browsing:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

In normal surfing, you just need to go to the sites. The active window will have to be on the page for some time. In automatic mode, the sites will open one by one. Any newcomer to this will cope - go to the site, spend no more than a minute on it and enter captcha for confirmation:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

The payment is quite small, in the example above, the reward is only 32 . 2 Satoshi (1 Satoshi is the one hundred millionth share of Bitcoin). Therefore, you should use the affiliate program.Invite new members to the site and get 10% of the money they have earned. Plus 5% of advertisers' expenses:

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is now in a trend, you can get 264 thousand rubles for one coin. It is unlikely that you will collect so much with this site, it is created for beginners and easy money. But you can easily get promising coins, and if necessary, it is easy to exchange them for regular money.

For those who decide to make Bitcoins, it will be useful to know where and how to exchange cryptocurrency. Although it is better to leave it until better times and sell when the course rises strongly.

Use at least all at once sites that pay without investment. For example, you can perform light tasks, in parallel attract users to sites and advertise your affiliate links through those services. Combine ways, combine and come up with their schemes for the development of the Internet.

Other sites that pay money

We have already presented the main idea of ​​the article, but taking this opportunity, we will briefly present some more projects that also honestly make payments. They are offered other work, that may interest users:

  1. Sites paying for advertising - they use various platforms to monetize. These can be publics, channels, blogs and forums. For each type of resource there are high-quality advertising exchanges:
  • Vkontakte Groups and Odnoklassniki - and.
  • Telegram channels.
  • Advertising on sites -,.
  1. A website where people pay for virtual sex is the most popular webcam service. This is a site where girls are paid for frank broadcasts. Work can guys or even couples, decent pay, payments even every day directly to the card.
  2. Survey sites for which pay money - offer to fill out questionnaires, case studies are conducted by large companies. A complete list of services was presented in the article about paid surveys on the Internet.
  3. Sites that pay for registration - payment for attracting users. It is also possible earnings for the creation of accounts on different sites. We also already told about all this in the article about earnings at registrations on the Internet.
  4. Sites paying for questions - rewards come to authors who help to fill resources. Payment comes and the authors of the answers. Now only two projects in this area are working - and.
  5. Foreign paying sites are a huge choice of projects, almost all domestic systems were created following the example of foreign services. Of the most interesting ones, we will highlight:
  • Affiliate Program Aggregator;
  • Click-Free Sponsor;
  • Website with Paid Surveys;
  • Service with Different ways of earning for newbies;
  • World Freelance Exchange;
  • Crane with Bitcoins, lottery and various chips;
  • Sale of handmade goods on.
  1. Sites that pay for tasks - such as registering, likes, leave a comment, or download a mobile app. Here, the largest selection of projects, consistently receive payments for these projects:
  • Wmmail;
  • Seosprint;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • Socpublic;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

In addition to the 5 websites presented for honest earnings on the Internet without investments and additional services, which you have just learned, there are many other projects. Huge selection allows you to find a remote job for everyone.

TOP 5 paying sites without investment in 2019

Conclusion, earnings and paying sites

Scammers take advantage of the fact that beginners have no experience and lure them on scam. Unfortunately, we also had to stumble on them, money simply does not allow us to withdraw, and sometimes even close projects. That is why we talk about sites that really pay money and first of all we are convinced of this.

You will use the first 5 projects or use additional services, decide for yourself, each of them has already paid money to our accounts, so we confidently recommend them to all readers.

Choose any project, register right now and remember, any site pays for the work, and not for the fact that you just sit in front of the monitor. There are no magic buttons on the network; only those who are willing to work get money.

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