Top 5 Gambling Developers

There are many websites on the Internet where you can spend time with interest using gambling.

This is a common entertainment, and online casinos do not always develop games on their own. Most often, large companies are involved for this, as this is a guarantee of high-quality execution of the game.

The best developers of gambling games are known to professional players and some even choose gaming sites, considering who created the games for them.

In this article we will introduce you to the most popular developers, and you will be able to evaluate their work by yourself, using the indicated casino sites .

Top 5 Gambling Developers

Who creates gambling?

1. Microgaming Systems is a real giant in its field, the services of which are used by many casinos.

The company has already created more than 200 quality games, and the winning percentage in their machines reaches 96%. Already, their projects are considered the benchmark and are the safest. The only negative is in the English language of most games, but gradually it is corrected.

2. PlayTech - with the advent of this company, many developers had to "move over."

In 1999, a team of professionals began to create gambling and quickly gained popularity. In 2006, the shares of this company even began to be sold, and now it has become the most expensive among its competitors.

The games of this developer are used by such popular projects as William Hill and Tropez.

3. BossMedia is a developer who lost its former popularity, who was once one of the best.

In his games, restraint and beautiful design are observed (most of the others have vulgarity and many colored blocks).

In addition to classic gambling, they created many original projects. Casinos using their software are getting smaller, and the company has already been renamed and its subsidiary is engaged in its calculations.

4. Cryptologic is a Canadian company trying to develop games in such a way that it would seem to lovers of excitement that they are in a real casino.

The quality of the software is high, however, the developer has already dropped out of the top three and is gradually losing popularity. On the one hand, a conservative design looks great, on the other hand it seems outdated. The company even has its own casino - Intercasino.

5. Random Logic is one of the oldest companies known worldwide. The projects of this development team are used by many casinos, and they began work in 1996.

Software is several times better than the main competitors. Now on their software work sites such as Casino 888, Azino555.

Top 5 Gambling Developers

It is quite difficult to develop software for launching a virtual casino on your own, therefore projects from major developers are used.

New companies continue to emerge, but so far no one has managed to outdo the developers described above.

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