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With the massive use of mobile devices with Android OS, search engines began to process more and more requests from their owners.

From phones and tablets, people go to the Internet, and for this you need a browser. The standard program is not so good, and there are few functions in it, therefore it is better to install a high-quality browser.

The best browser for Android, what should it be, what functions should it have and how should it look like? Here everyone has their own preferences, and the choice is wide enough.

Most applications are distributed for free and only after using them can you make the right choice.

Top 4 browsers for Android | Workion. ru

Which browser to download to Android?

To determine which browser platform most users like, we checked the polls on many large sites .

It turns out that Opera most often takes the first place. This is not surprising, the developers for many years working on mobile versions and before the advent of modern devices, were leaders.

Opera has a banner blocker on Android, it saves traffic, it has all the necessary functions and a convenient interface:

Top 4 browsers for Android | Workion. ru

Also many say they like Dolphin, although it has a few flaws. First, it works a little slower. Secondly, there are some problems with optimization. For example, when scaling a page, it loads again.

Deciding which download of the free browser for Android is not easy, everyone has their own preferences. It would be better if you yourself try to use different platforms.

TOP browsers for Android

In order not to have to search for a suitable application for a long time, we made a list of the most popular browsers, according to popular opinion:

  1. - on computers this browser is the best, but in the mobile version it is not so good. The speed of work is high, safety is at the proper level, but functions are not enough. But there is an incognito mode for anonymous logging into the network without traces and the tabs are conveniently scrolled with one finger.
  2. - it was created on the basis of Chrome, so many people are similar to their fellow. The main disadvantage is additional advertising that pops up right in the browser. Of the benefits worth highlighting the turbo mode, which helps with low Internet speed. Usability is well thought out.
  3. - according to some polls this browser ranked first. A powerful advertising campaign helped to quickly promote the application. It weighs little, works quickly, but does not have a wide range of functions. Although everything you need is there and it is convenient to use it.
  4. - while this platform has not become as popular as its desktop version among mobile users. Although the pages load quickly and have enough features. Conveniently, you can synchronize browsers on your PC and phone. Users can change the design of the program and download extensions.

Naturally, this is not all free browsers for Android, there are several dozen of them now. We would appreciate if you share your opinion on which browser is better for Android and why, in the comments.

This article presents which Android browsers are worthy of your attention. Each of them has pros and cons, evaluate them yourself. While Opera is considered the leader, but Dolphin and CM Browser come on her heels.

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