TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Newbies on the Internet often choose too difficult ways to earn money, so they quickly give up on this idea. It is better to start with the simplest, and what could be easier than performing the simplest tasks like registering or clicking on an advertisement? Under this work, created a lot of quality sites.

We have collected 35 books for earnings without investments, which pay well, so that you do not lose time and can start to work today. The first payment from the postal service really get in a few hours. Plus, they have favorable conditions for partners, and this is an opportunity to create a passive source of profit.

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Earnings on the Internet in boxes, for which money is paid?

Many moneymakers started with click-based sponsors This is the easiest way to make money on the Internet without investing. Despite this, beginners are lost and can not understand how everything is arranged in this niche. Answers to the 4 main questions dot the dot :

What are axles?

These are services created for cheating. Here come the users who need to collect subscribers, wind up transitions for advertising, likes Vkontakte, install mobile applications and much more. Users of books are divided into two groups - advertisers and performers. The first ones create tasks, the second ones perform them and receive rewards for it.

Where does the money come from?

The answer is obvious, the money in the axle boxes is filled by advertisers. To add your task, you must pay. They immediately take the amount for several accomplishments, the money is frozen. The executors do the work and after the check, rewards are transferred to their account.

How much can you earn through the best axle boxes for earnings?

The exact amount cannot be called, because everything depends on experience, time spent, secrets used, choice of orders. If you start from reviews, then the performers for a full day can collect up to 500 rubles. But this is only if you do the job, on affiliate programs, earnings are much higher.

What is needed to make money through the axle boxes?

There are no requirements for performers. I passed the registration and you can immediately get to work. In some cases, they are asked to confirm mail, phone or specify payment details. Therefore, to start register e-wallet. Most often for payments are used:

  • Webmoney;
  • Yandex. Money;
  • Qiwi;
  • Payeer.

Anyone can understand this kind of work, it is ideal for beginners. Yes, tasks from the axle boxes do not create the main source of profit, but as a part-time job, the option is not bad, no investments and knowledge will be required.

Earnings with a bush - instruction for a beginner

The main idea of ​​this post is to submit the TOP axle box for earnings, therefore the instruction will be brief and meaningful. Registration on mailers is standard, there is nothing to tell here.

After its passage, in your personal account you will see the available ways of earning. Surfing and writing is a payment for visiting sites, conversions bring in 5-10 kopecks , therefore these methods can not be considered at all:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Immediately select the section with tasks, there you will see the categories. On each box, they are different, as you can see, you can select instructions for social services. networks, writing reviews, with subscriptions, downloads, etc. Under the filter there is a list of available orders:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Pay envy of complexity, the more different conditions , the more reward. The highest paid assignments for registration are activities, but they take a long time to complete. You can also take light instructions, for example:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

A description is in each task, pay attention also to what they ask to send for verification. In our example, a group entry and three likes are required. Press the button, go to the community, we fulfill the requirements. Now we return to the task to submit a report. The advertiser requests to send him an account ID:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

A few days are given to check the report, usually it takes no more than an hour. When the advertiser makes sure that the work has been done, the money goes to the account:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

By collecting the minimum amount for withdrawal (it is usually 10 rubles or 10 cents), you can order payments. Mailers offer different ways of withdrawal, to payment systems, to a phone number, occasionally to a card. Repeatedly withdrew funds from all the sites below:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

If you start performing tasks in the morning, by the evening the exact amount is calculated for withdrawal. Therefore, you can check everything yourself in just one day. Earnings on the bucks in 2019 remains relevant, although it is suitable only for visitors, professionals look at such sites to add their own assignments.

TOP 10 best bucks for making money on the Internet without investments

Let's start with a selection of clique sponsors who rank first in the number of tasks and offer additional functionality. Plus, they are offered increased rewards and reviews about sites only positive:

1. Wmmail

The leader of Wmmail, which appeared in 2004. This is the most advanced books where you can earn not only surfing, letters and tasks. Inside the system, loans are used, there is a separate exchange for them. You can earn on the sale of referrals or articles, get a freebie in the gazebo. The instruction above was compiled for this project:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

This site has the most fans, besides there is a 5-level affiliate program and various referral tools - contests, bonuses, reminders, welcome letters. What else is interesting about the postal service:

  • There are mini-games of the National Security Committee and the Duel;
  • A well-thought rating system;
  • At least 10 cents to a conclusion;
  • Many additional features.

Money is withdrawn from it to the most popular payment systems and phone numbers. The best support here is because the most active users have been selected for it. Plus, the project participants are actively communicating in the “Arbor” section, go there once and you’ll hang for a long time.

2. Seosprint

Buks Seosprint. Despite the fact that the service appeared much later (in 2011), it ranks first in the number of tasks. The average level of remuneration here is slightly lower, which attracts advertisers. Registration is just as simple, in your personal account you will also see sections for earnings:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Unlike the first service, they pay in rubles and there is earnings on tests. You need to visit the pages of advertisers and find answers for passing the test. Payment for them is small, it is better to concentrate on completing tasks. In the affiliate program level 2, deductions depend on the rating. Features of the bush:

  • There are Referrals for buying and selling refs;
  • If you are not active for 60 days, the account is blocked;
  • Contests are available and referral bonuses;
  • Enhanced security system.

The minimum amount for withdrawal depends on the selected payment system. Payment methods are constantly changing, now money can be transferred to Webmoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Yandex. Money or Perfect Money.

3. Socpublic

Bucks Socpublic. Previously, this bookbox was called Wmpublic , but it was completely reworked and the design was updated. Now it is rapidly gaining momentum, and the functionality is constantly expanding. In the ways of earning there is a section "Visits", there you can earn money on navigating sites, the other methods do not differ from other boxes:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

More than 6000 tasks are available on this site right now . From the income of referrals here it is paid up to 60%, only 2 levels, the interest depends on the rating. Several tools are also available for working with referrals - bonuses, refback, welcome letters and much more. What else do the Public Users like?

  • Constantly held competitions between executives;
  • You can collect a daily bonus;
  • There is a career ladder (rating);
  • Available section for communication.

Payments are made from just 2 rubles, the most popular payment systems are available and you can withdraw money to a phone number. Work and order payments, so you will quickly increase your rating and conditions for earnings will be much better.

4. Seo Fast

The books have been working for more than 7 years, even though they are inferior to some competitors by age, many interesting features have been added. Developers are constantly updating and improving something. A striking example is a browser-based extension for earning on viewing ads. In addition, for some types of tasks, separate sections were added:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

High-quality website, it is convenient to work with Youtube and Vkontakte, but for this you need to link your accounts . Be sure to install the extension in the browser, you will make a profit on the machine. Also use affiliate program, interest drops from 2 levels, up to 60%, they depend on the rating. What else is interesting about the site?

  • The administration holds contests;
  • There is a mobile application for earning through advertising;
  • Earnings on contextual advertising for website owners ;
  • There is a board with ads.

Payments can be ordered only after dialing a rating of 30 units or more. You also need to pre-specify the payment details in your account settings. Commission 2%, the minimum amount to withdraw 3 rubles.

5. Profitcentr

appeared before the Seosprint, had its own unique design, but subsequently borrowed the engine from its competitor.Therefore, the interfaces are very similar, although they are completely different projects. For almost 10 years, the books have been regularly paying, more than 63 million rubles have been withdrawn from it:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

The functionality is not so wide, but as you can see, in the block More options are offered for the job. Here, they simply made separate sections for tasks on YouTube, Vkontakte and Instagram. In the Level 2 affiliate program, there are many tools for increasing referral activity.

  • Several ways to communicate, both with everyone and with moderators;
  • Up to 60% is paid from referral income;
  • Every day a button appears at the entrance to collect a rating;
  • You can run bulk emails.

To receive payments, you must specify the wallet numbers in your profile. The minimum amount and commission depends on the chosen method. Money is transferred to the phone, Yandex. Money, Payeer, Webmoney, Perfect Money and Kiwi.

6. Teaser

The project gained immense popularity due to its browser extension. After installing it, you will go about your business, from time to time watching banners in the corner of the screen. They do not interfere and bring a small additional income. Why did we include the project in the list? Because there are also tasks on it:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

There is a separate section for work on tasks. Complications and payment orders are no different from those added to the other axle boxes. In the affiliate program of 5 levels, each of them brings in 10% of earnings on viewing advertising, 2% of completed tasks and 5% of the costs of first level advertisers. Other service chips:

  • Recently added a section for making money on installing extensions;
  • Large selection of promotional materials to attract referrals;
  • You can order inexpensive banner advertising;
  • Daily bonuses from Teaser StartPage.

Payments can be ordered on Webmoney, QIWI or Yandex. Money, commission 5%, minimum amount 10 rubles .

7. Wmzona

Another old and proven book that offers the most different ways to make money. In addition to the usual options, you can collect Satoshi, start mining cryptocurrency, sell articles, monetize your sites, provide services and receive bonuses:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Affiliate program here 3x level, maximum charges 44%, but you need to increase your rating. The help section provides detailed instructions. For partners, various tools have been added to work with referrals. You can also get free referrals. For all this, the users love this project, of the features:

  • Poker and Sea Battle games are available;
  • You can order blog creation and website promotion;
  • Daily bonuses are held ;
  • There is an exchange of sites (buying and selling sites).

A versatile bookbox, with it you will accurately select the appropriate type of earnings. As for the withdrawal, here the calculations are carried out in dollars, and money is transferred only to WMZ wallets.

8. VipIp

Books. Some mailers have their clients, but only on Wi-Fi you need to download a program to make money. It includes all the standard methods - surfing, tasks, social networks, autosurfing. You will simply switch over the tabs and perform the necessary actions through the built-in browser:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Detailed instructions on all types of earnings are provided for the performers on the site. Install the program at least to auto-autosurf. Affiliate program is simple, give 10% of all revenues and referrals costs. Since 2003, this system has been paying and constantly improving. Why pay attention to VipIp?

  • Here you can create a copy of the project, simply by purchasing a domain and contacting support;
  • Responsive support;
  • Earnings on clicks brings up to 5 $ 5 for 1000 transitions;
  • Easy assignments for social services. Networks are displayed in a separate section.

Payments are automatic, the minimum amount is only 10 cents, the balance is kept in dollars, you can receive money on Yandex. Money and WebMoney.

9. Wmrok

appeared later than its competitors, but the books are of high quality and rapidly developing. Now there are almost 1000 paid tasks in the system. This is not the only kind of earnings, there is a captcha input, checking ads, selling your info goods. The design is outdated, do not be scared, the service itself is of high quality and with a rich set of functions:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

For advertisers on this site also added many tools. According to the affiliate program - here, in addition to the deduction of the interest of expenses and expenses, one-time registration bonuses are provided. Now bet0. 3 p. for each referral, but it is floating (was 4. 5 p.).Other reasons to register for VmRok:

  • The browser extension is available for earnings in advertising viewing;
  • Contests are constantly held;
  • You can advertise your freelance services;
  • Redemption of visitors for site owners.

The first payment must be more than 5 rubles, the next from 1 ruble. When registering, you must specify the Webmoney wallet number, in addition to payments to it, the money is transferred to Payeer, QIWI and Yandex. Money.

10. Raymoney

The newest books from the TOP 10. Started in 2016, the design is simple, the interface is user-friendly. While this mailer cannot boast of a large set of functions or additional types of earnings, but tasks can also be performed here:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Notifications, private messages are available in your account , statistics. Affiliate program 3 level, the percentages depend on the typed rating. Plus, the ruble is charged for each registration (only if the referral ordered the payment). In the section with referral links there are various promotional materials. What else is interesting on RayMoney?

  • Through the referral exchange you can buy and sell refs;
  • To advertisers, when they replenish their balance from 100 rubles, they give 10% as a gift from above;
  • The administration is constantly improving the service;
  • Referrals can be set to welcome and refbek.

The first payment is made manually, then the withdrawal is on the machine. For money, Webmoney, Payeer and Yandex wallets are suitable. Money. There is no minimum threshold. Now there are few tasks on the site, but the project is interesting, so we recommend registering.

Other sites of the axlebox for earning

Cheats on the Internet are in great demand, so many other mailers have appeared. They are not very different, in any case, they offer to make money on surfing and tasks. Yes, the interface is different everywhere, there may be additional functions, but plus or minus, it is equally easy to work with them. We recommend less popular axle boxes for earnings:

  1. - here you can earn only from surfing and tasks. A rating system has been added, daily contests are held, and a refback is installed to increase the activity of referrals. Automatic payments to all popular payment systems and phone numbers. Earnings on contextual advertising is available for site owners.
  2. - earn by all the usual ways for the Bucs, participate in contests, use the shares. A minimum of 0. 015 p is paid for visiting sites. For referrals provided refbek. Payments to several payment systems, the terms of the affiliate program depend on the rating.
  3. - pays since 2009, standard methods of earning, there is automatic surfing, pixeloids (something like a lottery), collecting balls, 3-level affiliate program (10% -7% -3%). You can earn on their sites by placing ads. The minimum payout amount is 10 kopecks.
  4. - the young booksite offers several types of surfing, there are always a lot of sites to watch. Payments are automatic in several payment systems, 3-level affiliate program. For registration and referral attraction comes bonus 0. 05 p. Advertisers charge a bonus of 1% when replenishing the balance.
  5. - the simplest design and user-friendly interface. There are also several ways to make money on visiting sites. Paid tasks are also available. Works since 2011, paid almost $ 400,000. The developers have added their own software for easy surfing.
  6. - another new books for earnings, where there are all the standard ways of earning and rating system. Instant payments are available on the most popular payment, affiliate program 3-level. 3 years, the general payments over 2 million rubles work. Often there are promotions, especially for advertisers.
  7. - many different tasks and ways to make money on surfing. Contests are held, you can add texts to the articles catalog, take a place on the honor roll and attract free referrals. Developers are constantly changing something, trying to make the books even better.
  8. - over the 2 years of its existence, the new book has never become mega popular. But there is no minimum amount for withdrawal, money is transferred instantly, a two-tier affiliate system, promotions are held, and bonuses are distributed. Referrals are paid up to 40%, conditions for partners depend on the rating.
  9. - suitable only for earnings on surfing. Users need to register and download the program. It will open sites one by one, it remains only to enter the captcha. That is, the work is semi-automatic, plus the administration often throws up bonuses. Service has been operating since 2005.
  10. - not a new book with beautiful design and various bonuses. There are many ways to earn money by viewing websites, banners, ads, plus tasks. The project has been operating for almost 8 years, the minimum amount for withdrawal is only 3 rubles.With Seosprint this mailer has one engine, so you won’t get confused in the interface.
  11. - the advertising service appeared in 2012. Deposit and withdrawal via QIWI or Webmoney without commission. The minimum amount is 5 rubles. There are several types of bonuses, 3-level ref. system (20% -5% -2%). Developers offer earnings on their sites, for this you need to advertise.
  12. - besides simple tasks, there may be complex orders with high pay. Write comments, watch video on YouTube, put likes. The service is somewhat different from the usual boxes, everything is much simpler. Payments from 1 ruble, only on Webmoney. For beginners here are video tutorials.
  13. - earnings on visiting sites, cheat in social. networks and small tasks. The developers have made their program, working through it, you get more lucrative instructions. For attracting referrals are provided bonuses, affiliate 3-level. Output to WMR and WMZ, Yandex. Money, QIWI, Payeer, LiqPay or phone.
  14. - one of the oldest bucks, began work in 2006. Ways of earning the usual, in the affiliate program 2 levels (10% and 5%). To increase the activity of the refs, you can install refback, hold contests, distribute bonuses. Over a million registrations and 44 million rubles total payments.
  15. - offers a bunch of different ways to make money on visiting sites. There is even a program for automatic surfing. A link exchange is also offered, an English version has been added to attract foreign referrals. Payment is made by loans that change with real money when withdrawing.
  16. - for 5 years of its existence, the project has paid more than 5 million rubles. The interface is simple, 3 affiliate levels, referral exchanges, automatic payments, contests are held, there is a refback, they pay for answers to questions, there is no minimum threshold for withdrawal.
  17. - this is rather a service for making money on social networks, but there are many interesting tasks. They pay for writing articles and reviews, there is no minimum threshold, and only Webmoney is used for withdrawal. Partners receive 10% of the income or expenses of attracted users.
  18. - better known as a service for making money in social networks, but there is a section with arbitrary tasks. They are also asked to register, click on ads and much more. In addition, you can earn on installing mobile applications and passing surveys. Calculations are carried out through Webmoney.
  19. - comments comments are gradually turned into books. Previously, it was possible to earn here only by writing comments, now other assignments are added here (mainly through social networks). To earn on the comments, you need to pass the exam (write an example comment).
  20. - a service for website promotion has been developed. Artists can perform step-by-step tasks in your account or download the program. There is also a mobile application, for the orders they pay from 3 rubles. A lot of work on social networks, sometimes it’s enough just to go to advertisers' websites from search engines.

This is how our rating of books for earnings came out, no matter which one you decide to work with. You will have to perform the same actions, but try to register at least on 5 different sites in order to find the best one in your opinion. Conditions and additional functions play an important role.

TOP foreign books for earnings

Simple earnings for newbies through mailers look attractive. He came to us from burzhunet, where even more clique sponsors are open. They work in the same way and often offer increased rewards. Not everywhere you can register, only 5 foreign boxes are popular in RuNet:

  1. - launched in 2009, paid over a million dollars. Pay per click to 1 cent, the minimum payment of $ 2, you can receive up to 100% of the income from referrals. Money is transferred to different payment systems and Bitcoin wallets. You can take on the tasks of partners (from other foreign boxes).
  2. - the most popular foreign books in RuNet. Pay a little more than on the Russian counterparts. Differs the game ClixGrid, where you need to open the window of the picture. If you're lucky, win $ 10. Well-known payments abroad are available for withdrawal, since 2007 it has been regularly paying. Users from Russia made a separate forum.
  3. - more than 26 million users are registered on this site. The main way to make money - surfing. The project itself is German, popular all over the world. Pay up to 3 cents per click, there are also bonuses up to $ 20. According to reviews, on the day really earn up to $ 30. The project has a mobile application.
  4. - appeared in 2005, pays from $ 0. 5 to different wallets and Bitcoins. There are games, bonuses up to $ 25. In the affiliate program of 5 levels (10% -5% -3% -2% -1%). You can buy account upgrades to get better terms for earnings.Payments are held every 2 weeks.
  5. - one of the most expensive bucks for earnings. It was opened in 2008, every day a bunch of different tasks are added here, there is an extension for browsers (for receiving notifications), a withdrawal from $ 2 to different wallets. The site is translated into several languages, but there is no Russian yet.

Earnings at bucks of $ 30 a day is not an easy task, but according to reviews, it is quite real. The best way to achieve high deductions is to use affiliate programs, but we will tell about this separately.

How to increase earnings on mailbox boxes?

Skeptics say that it is generally possible to earn good money on click-on sponsors. I am ready to argue with this, because I consistently order payments from the axle boxes. Here are the statistics from one project:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

You can earn even more, though not on tasks. If you restrict yourself to work with orders only, the maximum income per day will be about $ 5. Can be considered as a side job.

To get a good profit, you need to throw all the forces on attracting referrals. By typing at least a few active users, you already ensure the development of the network. These people will begin to call new referrals, the team will work, gradually incomes are only increasing. Again, I’ll show my network of sdno from books:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Almost 80,000 referrals in my network, but this is not the best indicator. Inviting users to the bucks I have been doing several flights and even opened my own blog. Although you can start without your site, there are lots of alternative ways.

If you consider earnings on a box only as a job, learn how to effectively complete tasks. If you want to achieve something more and rely on prospects, look for referrals. Plus, this is a passive source of profit, because you don’t have to work yourself.

Earnings on the bucks - reviews

Dreams of high income on the Internet, when performing tasks on mailers, will remain dreams. This is an excellent springboard for newbies, you can earn a little money, but this option should not be considered as the main source of profit. Reviews on the network are different, someone says that this is a waste of time, others recommend trying:

TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks
TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks
TOP 35 best axles for making money on tasks

Earnings on high pay boxes are possible only when using affiliate programs. The remaining options will be only a side job. As the practice shows, it suits some of them. Not so long ago, on my channel, I talked about users who had completed almost 20,000 tasks:

proof that some people like to do tasks. Use the best bucks for making money on the Internet, use additional functions, slowly dial your team, let small, but honest money here is quite possible to receive.

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