Top 33 best sites for Bitcoin earnings without investment

Everyone wants to earn cryptocurrencies, but not everyone is ready to set up mining or invest in cloud mining. In addition to complex and serious methods, there are simple.

Some foreign axle boxes are ready to pay money in BTC, and elementary actions are performed on them, sites are viewed and work is being done on light errands.

If you are a beginner and want to collect some cryptocurrency, first of all consider simple sites for earning Bitcoin.

Bucks with output to Bitcoin in RuNet are not popular, there are no quality projects yet, so you have to go to burzhunet. There are plenty of suitable resources.

Top 33 best sites for Bitcoin earnings without investment

What are some sites for earning Bitcoins?

Before presenting you the working axle boxes with output to Bitcoin, I would like to tell you a little about projects for cryptocurrency earnings, in general.

In addition to the axle boxes, beginners actively use cranes. They are even easier to collect small amounts, you just need to enter the captcha. In the article about the collection of cryptocurrency, we have already presented a list of services.

Bonuses are distributed there after a certain time, for example, every hour. We have to constantly look for time to go to the site, it is not very convenient.

In boxes you can complete tasks and browse sites without expecting anything. Payment there is also not high, but a little more than when collecting freebies.

Do not think that the axle boxes with Bitcoins will bring you a big profit. These are sites for beginners, they perform the most simple work.

The only way to turn such projects into a source of decent profit is to use affiliate programs. Attract referrals and earn rewards under different conditions.

Top 33 best sites for Bitcoin earnings without investment

The best sites for earning Bitcoins

Let's not talk for a long time about the available ways of earning, because now we decided to find out which axles are suitable for earning bitcoin. There are a lot of them, but not all are good. Therefore, we chose the most profitable, interesting and consistently paying projects:

  1. - Bitcoin earnings on viewing sites with a maximum reward of 0. 00109 mBTC. This is the most popular books with Bitcoin, where the minimum payout is only 0. 1 mBTC. Referrals are charged from 40% to 80% (maximum per click 0.00087 mBTC). Premium account available.
  2. - Bitcoin earnings site in Russian. At the moment, 60 sites are available for viewing, the total remuneration for this exceeds 1000 Satoshi. To register, you must specify the Email address Bitcoin and come up with a password. Affiliates are paid 7. 5% of income and expenses for advertising referrals.
  3. - this is rather a crane than an axle box, but you also need to know about it. It offers a cumulative bonus, the more you collect it, the more you get. Minimal to withdraw only 10,000 Satoshi. Users have access to free games and an over / under game where they can win Bitcoin.
  4. is a full-time click sponsor, from which, in addition to Bitcoin, money is withdrawn for different payment systems. Over 200,000 users earn here from viewing websites and performing tasks (the Offers section). Minimum withdrawal is $ 5 (equivalent in BTC).
  5. - paid over 900 million Satoshi. On this site, users get 25 Satoshi for viewing each ad. According to the affiliate program is charged 20%. Payments are made only on Bitcoin, the minimum amount for withdrawal is 20 000 Satoshi.
  6. - surfing sites, earning bitcoins, profitable affiliate program. For each of your clicks, you can get up to 61 Satoshi, and 12 Satoshi are paid for referral clicks. Payments are made through the popular service faucetHub, you need to collect at least 10,000 Satoshi.
  7. is a proven Bitcoin earnings site. So far, there are slightly more than 30,000 registered users. They receive up to 80 Satoshi for visiting sites, from 40% to 80% from referrals, withdraw funds from 0. 0003 BTC and receive them on their wallets in a maximum of 72 hours.
  8. - there are a lot of advertisers on this box, so there are always enough ads. The administration also offers additional methods of earnings, lotteries, polls, bonuses, and so on. Affiliate profitable, minimum wage for withdrawal 0. 00025 BTC, money credited from 1 to 3 days.
  9. is the best Bitcoin books from which payments are made to payment systems. There is no Russian language, but registration is simple. In your account you will see gray blocks, you need to click on them to view sites. After a few clicks, you will be offered to watch the video for the money.
  10. - you earn dollars by viewing websites, you can withdraw them to Payza or Bitcoin. Pay up to 2 cents for each transition, plus there are tasks. At the expense of attracting referrals, the minimal pay for withdrawal ($ 5) is collected much faster. Another bonus is distributed when you click on the image cells.
  11. - you will have to collect at least 200,000 Satoshi to order a payment from this site. For clicks pay up to 0.000004 BTC, with referrals comes 5%, there are additional ways to make money. Offer to invest in shares or gamble. Try to increase the bitcoin that you get from surfing.
  12. - by design it does not differ from the popular mailer, which we have in the first place. Here, too, pay for visiting sites up to 0. 00000173 BTC. The first 500 Satoshi you receive as a gift for registration. If your referrals click, you will be credited with 0. 00000035 BTC. Minimal Pay for 0. 0005 BTC.
  13. is a simple overseas service where people pay to view advertising sites. Referrals bring up to 0. 00110 mBTC, and from referrals are charged from 60% to 100%. To order a payment, you need to collect a minimum of 0. 3 mBTC, instant transfers. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language.
  14. is one of the best bucks that pay in Bitcoins. In addition, payments are made through various payment systems. Inside the system uses its own currency BAP. The more of them, the more often you get sites to view. Pay for clicks a little, so it is better to attract referrals.
  15. - users can access no more than 100 views per day in a free account. Therefore, the maximum revenue from visiting sites is approximately 0.00003 BTC. Before viewing, captcha is necessarily entered, and the minimum amount for withdrawal is 100 000 Satoshi.
  16. - many use the site as a book box. Here are the bonuses in Satoshi every hour, and they can be used to play games of chance. Also, users can access the section with tasks. There are offers from different services and there are suggestions for visiting sites.

We have collected only the best axle boxes for earning bitcoins, they have been created much more. Not everyone is trustworthy or they pay so little that it is better not to use them at all. Sign up on proven services, here you can definitely earn extra money.

Top 33 best sites for Bitcoin earnings without investment

Other trusted Bitcoin earning sites

If you are serious, you should use not only axle boxes. There are a lot of other quality projects with which Bitcoin coins can be mined.

Just be careful, the interest of newbies is often scammers. In order not to fall for their bait, earn only on these trusted sites:

  1. - a bonus of up to 5000 Satoshi every 15% and 50% of the profits from referrals.
  2. - Bitcoin and cloud mining (from PC and mobile devices).
  3. - free bonuses every hour and 50% from referrals.
  4. - cloud mining without investments (due to the daily bonus).
  5. - Bitcoin deposits in trading, deposits and cloud mining.
  6. - cloud mining of bitcoins and other known cryptocurrencies.
  7. - financial pyramid with generous payments in bitcoins.
  8. - an investment project with a profitable affiliate program.
  9. - collecting cryptocurrency on viewing sites (there is an affiliate program).
  10. - the cryptocurrency exchange offers to earn on issuing loans.
  11. - by ref. the system of this exchange, you will receive 25% of the commission.
  12. - you can earn Bitcoin on captcha input and affiliate program.
  13. is another website for earning Bitcoin on captcha and referrals.
  14. - Bitcoin earnings on viewing sites.
  15. - Bitcoin is paid to go to advertisers sites.

The more projects you use, the easier it is to collect a decent amount on your Bitcoin wallet. On this page, we have collected only the top sites for earning Bitcoins, which are used by most people and from which payments come guaranteed.

Everyone is looking for proven sites to make Bitcoins, but they forget about its counterparts. There are other well-known cryptocurrencies, in which the course is also gaining momentum.

Expand your horizons, start to get different coins, because in the near future their rate may increase tenfold.

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